I wasn't sure about writing this, but for some reason I feel compelled to. I have been applying the WW principles for almost 3 years now and just the other day I had a strange epiphany while on the treadmill walking. I was pondering many things, as you do while on a treadmill, and I started thinking about gravity. I started picturing my POP, being pulled ever downwards as many of my aging parts are doing :-(, and I imagined what my POP looked like with my previous suck-and-tuck posture, constantly pulling on ligaments and pushing on fascia, slowly stretching everything. And then I pictured my WW posture, with them resting on a nice hard shelf of pelvic bone and strong abdominal muscle, giving my ligaments and fascia a rest. And it just really hit home for me, that the ONLY hope for my POP is in this posture, because no matter what else you may try, gravity is just going to keep on being a force. And that's not even considering the internal forces pushing down when exercising etc. No wonder surgery eventually fails.

I have always believed in the WW principles, but for some reason it just became super clear to me how fundamentally correct it is. It was like, although I have believed it in my head intellectually, physically my body just confirmed that yup, this is how it should be. This is our correct physical design. I can't really explain it, but I wanted to share with newcomers to WW that there is a place of peace you can get to, where you don't fear your POP anymore but instead feel your whole body coming into synch.

Just to offer some hope.

I am so glad you posted, Hockeymom, and you express this so beautifully. Some of us reading this will know exactly what you mean. Others who aren't "there" yet, might be able to dig deeper for some courage (and patience) after reading this. There is simply no good alternative to doing this work. Three years into the work, there are still great discoveries to be made. Thank you so much my friend - Surviving

I'm really feeling that phrase you used Hockeymom - "feel your whole body coming into synch". It's a beautiful sensation that I'm pretty sure I never would have achieved were it not for developing POP and finding Whole Woman!