bleeding Hemorides


A few days ago I had a big dose of Diarrhea and later in the same day I had bleeding from what I think is Hemorrhoids or maybe one Hemorrhoid. I am now 3 days after that day and still bleeding when I go toilet. Does anyone know of some organic way to stop the bleeding, I have never had this problem before although I have been constipated all my 78 years. I have tried many different ways to get a softer stool but I have never found anything to work. So far my Hemorrhoids are not on the outside.
I looked on the Internet and saw that a couple of people had used Vicks Vapour rub, this sounds a bit agressive to me, what does anyone else think about that?

You didn't mention feeling any pain, so I'm going to guess that it isn't a tear of any kind. Have you ever had a doctor take a look and tell you what's going on down there? Probably not a bad idea when there's bleeding that you can't explain. - Surviving

Hi Surviving 60,
Thank you for you answer, no I don't have pain and like I said this is the first time it has happened.

Like S60 said "Anytime there is bleeding checking with your Dr to rule out anything more serious is the thing to do. While you are waiting for your APP'T, you might try what I did years ago when I had hemorrhoids with blood, that is put a few inches of 'hot' water in the tub and sit there for half hour 3 times a day if you can. Water is very healing. Are you eating at least 4 (1/2 cup) servings of vegetables a day and a couple of fruits? Avoiding processed foods? Everybody's body responds differently to different foods so you have to be the chemist and experiment. I am 75 and have turned my whole system around by what I eat and how I exercise. You can do this while practicing the WW posture. It all comes together and if you have patience and persistence, you will see results. There is no magic instant fix. Be patient and take one day at a time. I feel your pain, but you must do the work. Also may I suggest that you squat over the toilet to have a BM? Try and massage your abdomen in a circular motion around the naval pressing in as you go. Do this in bed in the morning. Thn drink some hot water with fresh lemon juice. This was helpful to me to get things moving.

The way I deal with mine is with Vaseline or other lotion on my finger I place finger over bulge of hemorrhoid then flex the anal sphincter muscle & it draws the stretched bubble of tissue back into place.
A plus is if you can find a cream with CMO -cetyl- mysteriolate in it. This help with any pain & helps heal.