Hi Free2be.
Just wanted to say thank you for your answer to my question on Nov 24. My bleeding seems to have stopped and my nurse practitioner said she could not see anything wrong in that area. I often do the belly massage that you spoke of, no one ever told me but I have done that myself for many years. I think sometimes intuition gives us a hand. I tried sitting in the bath but then had the most awful time getting out again, just not limber enough I guess!! Thanks again for your time and advise.

If you ever get those hemmys again I forgot to mention the sitz pans that fit on top of the toilet. I bought one for around $10. to have on hand if I start to find it hard to get in and out of the tub and need some warm water on my bum. Glad you are feeling better and were able to enjoy the holiday. Best wishes, Free2be