Hi ladies, I have been dealing with uterus prolapse for 3 years. Before i ever heard about Whole Woman, I began working with a homeopathic practitioner. It has helped so much. The remedy has actually pulled the uterus up quite a bit. Homeopathy takes some patience. The remedy will work for a while and then will lose its strength but no worries if you have an experience practitioner he or she will either give you a higher potency or change the remedy. When combining WW posture and adding homeopathy it works wonders quickly. My homeopath is a man who hasn't worked with prolapsed organs much. I am his second client so its new for him but if you could find someone who has dealt with this more than my practitioner it will benefit you greatly. There will be times that the organ will lapse again but not usually to the extent it was before. Also, acupucture works but it cannot be combined with homeopathic remedies because it cancels out each other kind of like an antidote. . My friend had a prolapse and she went to a naturopath and she no long has the prolapse. So there are many things that can help draw up a prolapse organ. This does not work just for a uterus prolapse. I hope this will help many of you because it has helped me greatly to live a more productive life and when you can combine it with the WW posture you are on our way to living a more happy and quality life almost like you don't have a problem anymore. God Bless

Great post!! Can you tell me the difference between a homeopath and a naturopath? You mention both in your post. Since I have very little confidence in most (not all) western medicine drs, I have been considering finding an alternative modality. Your input would be most helpful. Free2be

a. A Homeopath uses homeopathic medicine as the primary treatment for illness.
Homeopathy is a complete medicine – it can treat a wide variety of conditions from
nosebleeds, skin conditions, stiff neck muscles, digestive problems and chronic pain
to depression.
b. Homeopathic medicine is different from herbal medicines or mineral supplements.
Homeopathic medicines are made from very small quantities of plant, mineral or
animal substances.
c. Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and safe for babies and during pregnancy.
d. Full treatment homeopathy looks for one medicine to treat all of the patients’
problems. If you have headaches, constipation, chronic sinusitis, joint pain,
depression and eczema, one homeopathic remedy will be prescribed to treat all of
these problems. The medicine can cost as little as $7 for 1 year of therapy.
Also, you are treated according to your symptoms.

a. A Naturopath has some knowledge about a lot of natural therapies. Many of the
therapies that a naturopath has a general understanding of (e.g. Western
Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Acupuncture and Homeopathy)
can also be studied exclusively as specialties for up to 4 years each. To become a
specialist in each of the therapies listed above would require 15-20 years of training
and an equal number of years in practical experience. Naturopaths generally focus
on Western herbalism or botanical medicine.
b. Naturopathic medicine depends on the therapy the naturopath chooses – most often
this includes herbal medicine, botanical medicine and supplements (vitamins,
minerals, enzymes …)
c. Herbal medicines, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are not always safe for children
or during pregnancy. Dosages and quantities need to be closely monitored by a
d. Western herbalism is similar to Western medicine – you get one or more medicines
for each problem you have. Western herbalism substitutes medicines listed above
for pharmaceutical drugs. For instance, if you have liver problems you may be
given Milk Thistle, if you have joint pain you might get Glucosamine Sulfate, if you
have headaches you may get White Willow Bark. With this approach costs escalate
with the number of health problems that need to be treated. Each bottle costs an
average of $20 per month.

I agree that herbal supplements can pile up along with cost. My husband and I try things out and that's not cheap. Then we have bottles of stuff we may take just because we paid for them or have to throw them away. I've been working on narrowing down to the things that really help specific problems. I have finally found a good combo that provides most of what I want (vitamins, feminine needs, minerals) that cut out a lot of capsules and a lot of expense. I still have to add red clover, pau d'arco, aloe vera (great for inflammation). It's hard to find the right combo on the market and that's why I'm thinking a good homeopathic practitioner would be better. We have used some homeopathic preparations for specific temporary problems which have been very effective, and we started gardening several years ago hoping to protect ourselves homeopathically from local environmental pollutants.

I have to say, though, that for prolapse there is nothing better for me than the posture described here.

Are you freezing down there? Or are you a transplanted Texas angel?

What particular symptoms do you treat with homeopathy?

Hi Bebe, we aren't freezing yet and yes i married a Yankee yes, I am a transplant.

Hi Fab. Most all issues we have start off with certain symptoms and that's how a trained homeopath figures out your correct remedy. He or she will start out with 1 remedy and then wait to see how it helps you and then go to another one if need be. With issues such as ours, you need a trained professional homeopath to help you. There are remedies that you can purchase at a health food store but they are very low dosage and would not be potent enough for prolapse. A few things we are to stay away from when using homeopathy. Coffee, its not the caffeine that is the issue its the taintens in the coffee. Also, stay far away from menthol, ammonia,camphor etc. If you decide to find a homeopath make sure you tell him or her you need knowledge on what will antidote the remedy. Believe me, this has been a wonderful natural product that has allowed me to not feel that pulling and feeling like the organ is going to fall out.

Thank you WTA. for that wonderful explanation of the differences between homeopathy and naturopathy. Now onto finding a homeopath that has some experience with prolapse. Will report back as this new venture unfolds.

As I have stated before and so you possibly would not have seen my earlier posts some time back now wildtexasangel, I am not at all against faith healing, just need to remember the odds on that happening.
WWposture works as a physical approach to prolapse which is a physical injury; makes sense.

Hi ladies, it is nice to know that homeopathy helps for prolapse. Does anybody know how to find one in Los Angeles area??? I'd love to try

Wildtexasangel has not yet explained in what way homeopathy helps prolapse.

Yes, please understand that homeopathy isn't part of the WW approach to prolapse in any way. Members are free to post anything they want here, but moderators have to keep confusion to a minimum between what WW is and what it isn't. - Surviving

Hi Julie 723. California is probably the best place to find a great Homeopath practitioner. The School for Homeopathy is in California. Its called Hannamen(spelling is not correct). Also, this is for Surviving60, As i posted i my earlier post that this is a great additive to WW approach, I wish i had the WW approach down before using homeopathy coz when you incorporate the 2 together you greater results. i am not homeopath ii just know what I have done before WW and it has kept me more active than if I hadn't had it. I just thought it would help other woman out there who are still struggling with pain etc.

How homeopathy helps with prolapse is that if the correct remedy is administered it will pull the prolapse organ up. Example: my homeopath administered a remedy to an 84 year old woman who had a pessary. The Drs. could not believe the results it made. They removed the pessary(spelling is incorrect). She no longer needs it.

Can you explain the mechanism by which a drop of water or a pill pulls a prolapsed organ up? Even more to the point, can you explain the mechanism by which a drop of water or a pill which when analyzed revealed not one molecule of any active ingredient, as is the case with homeopathic medicines? WWposture is based upon a researched and well argued approach to women's anatomy. WW offers a successful alternative to surgery and Christine in her book explains why and how it works. Because I find her ideas make sense, and having applied them found them to work that is why I am here on this forum. Just because this is an open forum, that does not mean I should go along with just anyone who makes a similar claim about a product (and without proof or real explanation) which has no firm basis in either medicine or anatomy. This forum exists primarily for women who wish to ask questions about WWposture and process. As surviving says this does not mean we cannot be open minded to other women's suggestions, but it is reasonable to expect some proof. And you are not providing it.

I did look up the definition of homeopathy, and became more confused by the explaintion as I read on. So you take a little of the substance that ails you, water it down until it doesn't exist anymore, and then administer this solution, and then wait for the placebo effect to kick in?
How do you even know what the substance is that is part of the original component?
I don't know, but I think this would take a tremendous amount of study or a tremendous amount of trust in a particular homeopathic doctor.
I guess I am with Fab on this one: I have read the whole woman literature, and find that it has a true source that is understandable, that I have control over my own body. I like that aspect.

I agree with fab and AG. You may be practicing the posture, but it doesn't sound like you have understood the principles of pelvic organ support. Have you read the book, do you know WHY posture works, what are the forces acting upon the organs? - Surviving

Yes I have read the book yes i have studied the posture yes i am still in the learning stages, yes I do believe the WW approach is awesome but I have experienced the Homeopathic alternative and until I found WW approach 5 months ago all I did for the prolapse was Homeopathy. For me it pulled the uterus up and I functioned almost normal. I am not trying to pull people away from the WW approach intact i believe it is very important especially because of the posture information. I am just offering something to add to the people here that are in pain and have almost no hope. And if that is wrong then I am sorry. And yes please research homeopathy then maybe you will understand how it works. Please know that I am not trying to discredit WW I am trying to help people who are hurting, something to add to WW until they get the posture down and can live comfortably. Thats all. One of the remedies that I have been put on is Sepia. Look it up and read the meaning of it. it has helped me for a while now we are moving on to another remedy and because of WW I have incorporated the 2 together and made leaps and bounds of progress. so sorry if I offended anyone but i am reading some of the comments on this forum and some of these ladies are almost hopeless and i just wanted to offer something to help them while they are learning the WW posture. And I don't expect anyone to go along with what i am saying please please please research it out for yourself it can't hurt it could help it did help me I am living proof.

Have a great day

I was one of those scared and desperate women when I found this site. And, if I found it cluttered with all different kinds of remedies to fix me, I would probably have left even more confused. I like that our moderators keep us focused on what this forum main subject is, the whole woman approach.
I am sure there are other approaches out there that work for different people, but I think that then they should go to those forums for that information.

AG, I was one of those too, and you are totally correct. I feel I was one of the lucky ones because I landed quickly on this site when I began my search, and I watched Christine's overview video, and from that second on, it was a no brainer for me. I didn't even read this forum in the early days! But if I had, and found a jumble of anecdotal "solutions", I would have left more confused than I arrived. - Surviving

When Wildtexasangel claims "I am just offering something to add to the people here that are in pain and have almost no hope" she really needs to understand that if a woman is in pain with pelvic organ prolapse she should go to her doctor and be checked out that there is not something more going on. She also needs to realize that women are attracted to this site because Christine's method does offer hope. Homeopathy has no basis in science or medicine; it's a trick magic formula, like snake oil, and I truly have the impression that if Wildtexangel were genuine she would not have continued to persist in selling homeopathy to us. I too if I had seen this type of stuff accepted on this forum as a newbie would have bolted.

Or, in this case, cuttlefish ink.
Call me a whole woman snob, but I can't say enough how I like the fact that I have the control over my own body and how I can affect my own organs without putting some foreign substance in it.

Had to Google that one, but yeah, AG is right. Also sometimes referred to as the "squid remedy". - Surviving

I have had it on pasta in a seafood restaurant, not bad. But that would have been full strength, not as a mere pale shadow or memory. Now that it has been discovered how intelligent these creatures are it gets even iffier to the young and idealistic.

Poor squids!

Um, yes, I'd be another one running away very fast if homeopathy was promoted here.

May God have mercy on the ones who have a very self-righteous attitude. Make fun thats ok coz usually the ones who are condemning and making fun are the ones who are miserable. I will NEVER post on this forum again. If this is the type of people who are affiliated with WW i want no part of it! I think I will take a line from Carrie Underwood, *mean people need Jesus". Its ok to agree to to disagree but to be down right sarcastic there is no call for it!

I am truly sorry if anyone here came across as mean. We hope you will continue to participate if and when you have questions or comments regarding prolapse management and posture. But some of us were merely taking your suggestion to research homeopathy for ourselves. When I did, it was hard for me to take what I found very seriously. I don't think I was mean, but I plead guilty to the sarcasm part. Please don't forget, we are working hard every day to spread the truth about prolapse. - Surviving

I don't consider our discussion sarcastic. We just did not find merit in the remedy, and then discussed that. If. Wildtexasangel had some actual proof of her findings, she could have presented that instead of getting huffy because we disagreed. That is what discussing is all about, presenting and arguing a point.
Whole woman work stands for itself, it doesn't need any extra help to work. But, that's just it, you have to work at it. Taking a magic pill to cure your prolapse just doesn't make sense to me.