anyone like me?


Hi, I am new to this site and beginning to learn about WW, waiting for the book and DVD. I am 49, had 2 children, normal births, small babies. 14 years ago i had a vaginal sling and anterior and posterior vaginal repairs, and then 4 years later revision of the sling. Now I have a cystocele again. So I am wondering if there is anyone who has had success with whole woman after previous surgery. I have just consulted a WW practitioner, and now stopped doing the Kegel exercises, but feel my symptoms are worsening. Not sure what to do.

Welcome to the site. Have a read around and search out vaginal sling, anterior/posterior vaginal repairs and cystocele via the search box above for any earlier comments upon these subjects. You may find some will resonate with you. I would be getting back to the WW practitioner you have recently consulted as well. She would know your details and be able to give you further advice as she knows you personally.