Bras That Fit Comfortably To Surviving 60 and All


I bought some AHH Bras recently. I'm not overweight by more than three kilos but These bras are really comfortable. I read where Surving60 wanted some comfort at work so I think these stretch bras I bought are great. They also have pads in if you want them or you can leave them out. I really feel comfortable now. I won't put in where I bought them as I don't want to advertise it on here . We're not allowed I don't think. I used to wear Sports Bras but find them tight at times. To anyone who is younger than me don't worry about sex with a rectocele as you will find a way I'm sure. I'm over 60 so I get a bit embarrassed with this topic. Happy New Year To You All at Whole Woman.

My first foray into shopping for stretchy comfort bras was a "bust". Last year I purchased a pack of Genie Bras and they were like sports bras - not exactly the look I was going for under my clothes. Since I hate throwing good money after bad, I felt as though I'd missed my opportunity and so I'm using what I have, and going without when I can get away with it. Some day I'll give it another go, so thanks for the suggestion Cleo, and Happy New Year to you my dear! - Surviving