Dilation & Curettage. D/C


Does anyone know the good and the bad about having a D/C when you are 78? My Uterine prolapse is always on the outside, except when I am in bed, and has now got this red vein pushing through the cervix which bleeds. When I push my prolapse back in, the vein goes back inside my cervix. I have an appointment to visit my Dr. next week but I am sure she will start talking operations so I wanted to have as much knowledge as I could before seeing her. Thank you to anyone who has knowledge of this proccedure.

I know nothing about this, Daphne, just wondering who suggested the D&C and what reason was given. - Surviving

Hi Daphne,

I can't imagine what this operation would accomplish. I want to remind readers that you had a prolapse operation, which is likely the reason why you are struggling so. I wish they would consider pulling your uterus forward in a ventro-suspension, where the round ligaments are pulled through and attached to the layers of the abdominal wall. It makes the most sense in a case such as yours. But that surgery worked too well (not that it wasn't without serious risk) and was abandoned in favor of hysterectomy. Some thoughtful surgeon might consider it, I just don't know. What is clear, Daphne, is that your cervix must be pulled inside, which doesn't seem likely to happen after all this time of trying.

Just want to add that D&C is a terrible operation and used routinely for bleeding, after miscarriage, etc. When the uterus is scraped in this way (or worse yet, "ablated") the endometrium becomes mixed up with the myometrium (deeper muscle layer), which causes very heavy bleeding and the condition called adenomysis. But it is survivable! Like most women, I had two D&Cs along the way, and did have extreme bleeding in my forties, but I was okay with lots of care and patience with my body. The uterus is a self-cleansing, self-purging organ.

Sending hugs and healing prayers,


Hi Christine,
Thank you for your reply.
The reason I was asking the question about D/C was because I was wondering if the Dr. would perhaps suggest it and I wanted to be prepared with an answer as your whole feeling is to keep away from operations and I am certainly in favour of that. The operation I had in 1999 was a bladder repair like yours. If I put up with this bleeding would it be harmful over the long term or just an ongoing annoyance? Thank you also for explaining what happens when the D/C is performed. I did have one when I was younger, but didn't know anything about what happens.
I do think this vein protrusion bleeds because it gets squashed when it is out and rubs against my panty liner/pad. It isn't a continual bleed all the time.

Hi Surviving,
Thank you for answering, no one suggested the D/C I just wanted to have some answers if the Dr. suggested it when I see her next week.

Daphne...I have clients coming in for the next few hours. I'll answer this asap.

Daphne, my granddaughter is with me and it's very hard to take time to write much...the weekend is here and I will get back to this thread over the next day or two. 2014 WW Practitioner training starts tomorrow!

I will look for you again, I realize children take up time. Daphne

Daphne, I think you need to stay in touch with your doctor and weigh his/her opinion about what to do at this point. I know I've said this before to you, but at your age a hysterectomy may provide a tremendous level of comfort and relief, given how long you've seriously struggled.

If it were me, each morning I would push my cervix all the way forward while at the same time applying a few drops of raw, local honey. Then I would get onto hands and knees and do firebreathing and any other WW exercises you enjoy. I would wear cotton underwear with no panty liner, and the V2 Supporter over those. Then I would enjoy staying in the posture as much as you can throughout your day, taking time out every couple of hours for a few firebreaths.

Sending you all good wishes for health and healing.


Thank you for getting back to me as I know you are so busy. I do push my Uterus up several times during the day and also use coconut oil for lubrication but I will try the honey. I have to put the panty liner in my pants because of the bleeding. I do appreciate your advice and do wear my home made garment that is like a v2 but the Uterus still comes right down making the vein come out of my cervix which then seems to bleed. I am so down in my spirits about all this, but again thank you.

Daphne, have you considered Christine's suggestion, that possibly at this point a hysterectomy might give you a better quality of life? I know she has said this to you before. One rarely hears these words from the mouth of Christine Kent, so you might want to take notice. She knows your history better than any of us. Do you have a doctor you can trust, with which to have this conversation? - Surviving

I had my appointment with my Dr. yesterday and she said there was a new person in town that she was pleased with that she could send me to. She thought she might do a laser corterization, not sure of spelling, or an "Ablation" which sounds awful. I am to go back in a month and see how things go during the month and think about what she has said. I am also thinking of Christines advice but find it hard to think about Hysterectomy because we have had it told us so many times to stay away from having it done. I am just feeling so low and confused at the moment. I don't understand when people talk Hysterectomies, are they just referring to having the uterus removed or the ovaries as well and F. tubes and there is also this question of them using meshes which we know are not good?

Daphne, I too have heard awful things about ablation, not the least of which is that the problems they cause often can only be remedied by getting the hysterectomy after all. That being said, I'm way out of my element with this discussion. If you have never done a personal consult with Christine, I would highly recommend it before you go back to the doctor. - Surviving