Treadmills okay?


I have uterine prolapse and am 14 weeks pregnant with my second. I am trying to stay active thru my pregnancy. Was just wondering, are treadmills recomended or not recomended for walking on while staying in ww posture? Thank you so much!!!

Karono, I am a fan of the treadmill. It's a nice even surface that allows me to really concentrate on every aspect of my posture. My days are long and there are certain times of the year when I would not be doing any walking if not for my treadmill. But it has to be one that allows you to stand up really tall and proud - you can't lean into it. I have a motorized treadmill with arms that stick out so that I can keep one hand lightly on the arm at all times. This ensures I don't "wander" but stay right in the middle of the belt, for safety sake. I keep the other arm swinging or flapping. I'm all for it. - Surviving

I plan on purchasing one soon!

A word of warning on treadmills. Like Surviving said, you have to make sure you don't lean forward and also because a treadmill makes you swing your legs forward (otherwise you would fall over), this forward leg swinging flattens the lumbar curve which we don't want to do with prolapse. Walking on a treadmill in NO WAY resembles the way you normally would walk on the ground. In simpler terms....walking on the ground=extension, upright with lumbar curve, good for prolapse; walking on a treadmill=flexion, flattening of the lumbar curve, not so great for prolapse. Will you burn calories on a treadmill and maybe feel better because you moved? Yes. Is it going to help your prolapse? No. Just walk in WW posture without a machine screwing it up.

I can well believe that there are mechanical differences between walking on the treadmill and on the ground. But I have never had any problems maintaining excellent lumbar curvature at all times while treadmill walking. Like everything WW, it is a matter of awareness and mindfulness. I get the same feelings and the same degree of improvement of 'cele symptoms after a long walk, no matter which way I do it. I've been doing it for 3-1/2 years. If I can walk outside, I will, as I prefer it for all kinds of reasons. At other times I will use the treadmill. - Surviving