videos of exercises


Way back many years ago when I joined this site there were videos you could watch with exercises. I want to start doing them again, but years have passed and I need to refresh my memory. Are the videos still on the site?

Hi meribelle - once in awhile a video clip will pop up in one of the blog articles. Christine's body of work now includes, besides her book, 7 dvds. That is where you will find the exercises, so if there are specific things you are looking for, we can help you pick the right one(s). Check the Store. - Surviving

I have the first two DVDs, but they are lost somewhere in this house. I thought I might see a little on line. Oh well, they will turn up. Thanks.

Hi, I am new to this site but am ever so glad to have found it. My doctor inserted a pessary though she recommended a hysterectomy,which I refused. The pessary works fine till I pick up something heavy, then it seems to slide down. The doc says the lining of my uterus is whats shifting and causing the pessary to slip down. My question is, will the exercises you recommend help strengthen the lining? And is it ok to keep the pessary in and do the exercises. Thanks.

Hi and welcome! There are many different kinds of pessaries, they are tricky to fit, and they don't work for all women. At best, they alleviate symptoms when this is most needed. But they do not "treat" prolapse and they can worsen things in the long run.

I cannot speak to the accuracy of your doctor's statement that the slippage of the uterine lining is causing your pessary to move. I have never heard that particular theory. But if your doctor recommends hysterectomy as a treatment for prolapse, she is giving you bad (harmful!) advice, and I am glad you've found your way here. The medical profession has an awful track record with female pelvic health. We must educate and help ourselves.

WW is much much more than an exercise program. It is the posture correction that is the key to prolapse management. If you want to leave your pessary in while you do the exercises, that's OK as long as you are remaining in correct Whole Woman posture, both while exercising, and the rest of the day as well! Correct posture while lifting may help you keep the pessary in place. Learn this posture and at some point you will feel confident without the pessary. All of us here are living with the bulge in varying degrees. There is no cure for this as such. - Surviving