Christine's DVDs while pregnant?


Hello, just making sure is it okay to do the ww third wheel yoga DVD while pregnant?
Thank you!

That's not a yes or no question, karono, and few of us are really qualified to answer in this type of setting. WWY3 does target the abdominals and features a lot of firebreathing and nauli. Firebreathing in particular should not be done while pregnant, Christine states this in her book. If I were pregnant there might be certain moves that feel OK and other ones not so much. My answer is to proceed with caution and listen to your body. Generally speaking I would venture to say that either of the other yoga dvds might be a better choice during pregnancy. Other opinions welcome, keeping in mind that this isn't medical advice by any stretch of the imagination. - Surviving

Hi Karono,
I'm yoga teacher who sometimes teaches pregnant women. I wouldn't advise this dvd for pregnant women. The other 2 are more appropriate. Ideally going to a pregnancy yoga class/1:1 would be best, or joining a yoga class where the teacher is qualified to teach pregnant women and knows how to safely teach pregnant women. Whatever you do - remember the WW posture is key. Don't tuck your tail bone under or flatten out your lumbar curve. The WW posture is suitable for women of all ages and stages of life.
Hope this helps. Best wishes, wholewomanuk

Any recomendations for a specific prenatal yoga DVD? Thank you??

Karono, I'd say that WWY2 is probably the best choice because it is recommended for post-partum women. So you may have to modify certain moves to be safe and comfortable. Christine does not have a specific pre-natal dvd. Perhaps WWUK has a recommendation based on her own experience and knowledge of WW principles. - Surviving