BBC radio programme about the use of vaginal mesh


Hello all

I was listening to the (UK) radio (BBC Radio 4) this morning and a programme came on called Face the Facts. It was about the problems with the use of mesh in vaginal surgery, highlighting the terrible damage done to some women. The emphasis was on the fact that the mesh has not been properly tested before being used on women, rather than enquiring into whether mesh should ever be used at all, but I thought it was encouraging that the topic was at least being discussed and damaged women were speaking out. The link to the programme is below:

Thought you might be interested.

Very best wishes to all on the forum. I have been a member here for 3 years and am coping with my cystocele well, thanks to Christine and to all the help and support I received here. I do try to always keep to the posture and it has become a way of life - I really can't slouch in a chair any more! Although I am always mindful of my prolapse, it doesn't dominate my life any more, it's just a part of it - so I'm very grateful.

It's great to hear from you, thanks for letting us know that you are doing well. I much as we wish that women would see the big picture, we'll have to settle for baby steps. Anything in the news that might scare women off surgery, or even give them pause, long enough to do more research before they go down the path of no return, is better than nothing. Thanks T for sharing this, keep up the good work. - Surviving