I am 68 and have never had surgery. I don't even like to go to the doctor. About a week ago I felt like I had a tampax coming out of my vagina. A little later I noticed it was a bulge of some sort. I don't have it in the morning and I may have it a lot later in the day or not as much if I set around more. I know I need to go to the dr. to get it checked, but I was wondering if I could wear a tampax to hold everything up till I can go. We are suppose to go out of town in a few days.

Hi grammy5 and welcome. You can try it, though I don't know of too many members who have had much success with this. I have rectocele and cystocele and a tampon feels awful and does nothing to improve the bulge. In fact, in my last few years pre-menopause I had trouble keeping them inside.

Don't worry and don't panic. I know that's a tall order! When you have time, please look over the WW website and read posts on the forum and blog, and get an idea of what this approach is all about. We are managing our prolapse happily and well. You may want to see your doc just to get it checked and rule out anything other than prolapse.....but most likely that is what you have and your doctor is really not the one to point you in the best direction. Read up before you go. Hang in there. This seems like the end of the world when it hits you. Trust me, you will be fine. Read, ask your questions, and when you get back to town you can start to dig in. - Surviving


I'm 67 years old, and for the past couple of years, I've been wearing a pessary for bladder prolapse (which I discovered when I began trying to exercise on a rebounder). The pessary has caused problems since it was first inserted, because when I moved, it constantly rubbed the walls of my vagina and caused episodes of sharp, shooting pain. It was like being stabbed with a long needle. Not fun!

My doctor's solution was to have me insert a small-dose estrogen pill into the area twice weekly, to provide lubrication. I asked about taking unopposed estrogen, but was told that the small dose I was taking didn't require progestin.

And it did work like a charm, lubricated everything, and caused no difficulties.....until about four months ago, when I began spotting - after SEVENTEEN YEARS of postmenopausal bliss. Ask me if I was surprised! I was also concerned, although no one else in the medical profession concerned.

I went to my gynecologist; and to make a long story short, there's no cancer (thank heaven), and he has now added progestin to the mix (a week of oral pills every 3 months). But I'm STILL spotting, and not at all happy about this situation. I want to be rid of the pessary, and I DON'T want the infamous mesh surgery.

Finding this website was so exciting for me! I've ordered Christine's book, and I'm looking forward to finding out how to live without that rubber ring inside me. Now, having discovered this forum, I'm wondering if anyone else has been living with a pessary and had spotting?


I'm sorry, I've posted to the wrong forum! I'd better read the rules, hadn't I! Susannah

Hi Susannah and welcome. When you start to learn and adopt WW posture and other natural measures for prolapse management, you'll be able to wean yourself off the pessary I am sure. Cystocele can be quite adequately managed. Some women feel that they cannot live with the bulge, but once you lose your fear of it, and learn how to stabilize things, you won't want that thing sticking up in there making things worse in the long run. And I hope you can see your way clear to ditching the hormones. I think the spotting is a pretty good indication that things are a bit out of balance there. You need Whole Woman! Do lots more reading here, ask your questions, enjoy the ride! - Surviving