How often should you have a D and C done


Hello I am new this site. I would like some feed back on how often one should have a D and C done? I had 2 small tumors in my uterus that was removed and a D and C a few weeks ago. I am 63.All of my pathology test can back non cancer, but she still wants to perform an in office D and C every 3 months to monitor my uterus for cancer. She wanted me to get a second opinion to see if it was necessary to remove my uterus and I did. The doctor looked at all the pathology test, and called me to let me know that it is not cancer and that I need not come in for an examination. My doctor still insist on me getting a third opinion. I need some feed back on this one. how many times should a person have a D and C done. I think every 3 months is way to much. Can please get some feed back on this. Thanks ladies.


Here's a post you might want to read, where Christine commented about this procedure.

Dear Num1crybabe,
Firstly read the thread that Surviving suggests as Christine talks about D&C.
Another thread I also think is worth reading mentions D&C & also ladies' experience with managing/shrinking fibroids, if the tumours you describe are fibroids.
Best wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you so very much I did read the info that surviving suggested and it was a shocking awakening. Didn't know that the D and C was a serious procedure. Thank you all for introducing me to more information about this subject. I know now how to respond the my doctor wanting to do a D and C every three months to monitor my uterus condition. I thank God for this site and support.

Thank You kindly Surviving60, I read the info suggested, and it was a shocking awakening.
Now I can make the proper decision in this regards. God bless you. I will continue to search for alternative ways in dealing with my body. It's really hard to know exactly what to do at the age of 63. Especially when your doctor tells you that, you might get cancer if she don't monitor it every 3 months.