I made myself a promise....


...that I wouldn't post on the forum for a year. I became one of the 'lurkers'. I tend to be more comfortable as a quiet observer and also, in the beginning, I didn't feel I had anything to add. Previous members had so perfectly articulated the darkness, fear and anger that I was feeling. The emotional toll an initial prolapse takes is quite universal and I actually found a great deal of comfort knowing that I wasn't the only one feeling the way I was feeling. I decided to dive in and only report back once I was a year into the work. I read the forum daily (often multiple times a day) and immediately purchased the book/video along with the 2nd and 3rd Yoga wheels. I attempt to spend every waking minute of my day in posture. I do catch myself slumping more often than I care to admit, but then immediately 'pull up' in to WW.

My story: 9 years ago I prolapsed (2nd degree rectocele) a few weeks after my 2nd child was born(I was in my early 30's). My obgyn (female) would have happily helped me climb up on her OR table 6 weeks pp. My urogyn (male) strongly DIScouraged me from having surgery. Fortunately I did nothing and just naturally healed enough in those pp years that my prolapse became relatively insignificant. Sadly, I did not come across WW at that time (or if I did, I have no recollection of having done so- this was late 2004)

Fast forward 8 years- My anterior wall prolapsed (most likely a 2/3 urethrocystocele- it is not out of the vaginal opening, but does peep at its lowest). In those intervening years, I had done a fairly decent job managing my chronic constipation (since childhood) but in hind sight, since I continued my suck/tuck stance, any management was going to be limited. Because of the flawed way that I carried myself, my intestines continued to be squished and therefore unable to function smoothly-there is no way it could have been otherwise.

The improvements over the last year have been significant. This work demands that we change how we have moved and carried ourselves for likely decades. It requires, especially in the beginning, a great deal of physical effort and energy as well as mental energy. And there may not be(or at least there weren't for me) enormous improvements immediately. I found it required a 'leap of faith'. I stayed in posture day in day out with only the most subtle/incremental improvements.....at least in the beginning. I used to mark off the days...gradually as I became more used to the effort as a whole, I'd start thinking in terms of weeks...lately it's been more in terms of months. And now I'm at a whole year!!! Looking back- there is NO QUESTION that there have been very significant, profound even, changes......

1.) Skeletal changes- I have a very bad back dating back to an injury as a teen. Since doing this work, I have noticed that my back MOVES! My lower back at first would seem to 'pop' as I'd go about my day (twisting to look back as I'd back up while driving for example). Then I noticed movement further up my spine. I realized that my former posture had so compacted my vertebrae that it really didn't allow for much movement as I'd twist or turn in my day. I absolutely LOVE how it feels now- my spinal column is being almost elongated or 'stretched' as I walk in WW posture. The best way to describe this is that it feels like it's being 'aired out'.. I've only had 2 bouts of acute lower back pain in the last year and both were more mild and for far shorter durations.

My knees feel great! I've had 'bad' knees for a while now. I am a former runner (that sounds more impressive than it is- a hobby jogger really, but still, upwards of 5 miles/run for 25 years). I stopped running after my more recent prolapse. My knees no longer hurt. I suspect it is a combination of eliminating high impact exercise for the past year, coupled with the global healing WW has on the skeletal system. Maybe in time, I'll return to running- but only on toes and in WW posture as Christine so beautifully demonstrates on the 3rd wheel video.

2.) My prolapses. I now have some good days and lots more good times within the day than I had in the beginning. Far more frequently the bulge is higher. Once or twice (when all the stars/variables were aligned) I've felt the firmest, highest anterior wall- no bulge. Ahhhhh beautiful. I absolutely still have my bad days, but as has been written about so often, they follow my cycle and don't hit me out of the blue anymore. I LOVE the idea that I possibly haven't even hit my baseline. I LOVE that the improvements may continue as I work further to reshape the configuration of my lower pelvic/abdominal area.

My greatest daily challenge continues to be keeping my bowels in order. But again, as this first year of WW is completed, I find that I am more regular than I've ever been. I do splint on a daily basis, but oddly this doesn't bother me too much. In fact, I'm grateful that I have that option as I find it helps me have a more complete bm which just simply makes my day (and of course prolapses) better. I also look forward to lots of continued improvement in that area as well.

I had flare ups of some internal hemmorrhoids. I honestly can't remember when the last flareup was. (knock on wood)

When I prolapsed the second time (and for a few months prior- heavy sigh) I had pelvic discomfort. That continued during the first few months of the WW work. I have no pelvic discomfort any more.

3) Emotionally. Simply put- I have my life back. I rarely have the fear. I say rarely because sometimes, when I'm pms'ing and the bulge is low, the fear can creep in. BUT, the inherent RIGHTNESS of Christine's work sends it on it's way pretty quickly. This work allows me to know, deeply know, that I am doing all I can to keep my prolapses from getting worse and most likely have them continue to get better. I also know that I'm doing all I can to help my body age as healthfully as it can.

I didn't mean to make this such a saga and I know that I'll have more improvements (I'm sure there are some I've forgotten to add) along the way. I just want to send an enormous THANK YOU to Christine. I wish I had the words to fully explain just how deep my gratitude to you runs. (My husband thanks you as well. For starters, WW, in a very real way, gave him his wife back. Plus, he's pretty happy to know that sex makes the prolapse feel great! ;) Your work, and this forum, was my life line for much of this past year. An enormous thank you also to Louise, Surviving60, AG, wwuk,... And all the other ladies who give so freely of their time. A special 'shout out' to bad_mirror. I too danced for many, many years- though most amateurishly- her posts were beyond helpful.


Thank you thank you thank, for this outstanding post. You have really captured the essence of why we are here and what this work is all about. I am so happy and proud of you for really seeing the big picture and staying the course as you have. Yes it is a leap of faith for all of us at the beginning; even though Christine's words may ring true, as they did for me from day one, we all still have to make this journey for ourselves and experience the truth of it through our own eyes. I love every word you have written here; there is so much inspiration to be taken from it. Please don't wait another year to update us again! Lots of love and gratitude - Surviving

Ok- I actually feel a little 'star struck'..as in 'can I have your autograph?? ;) YOU S60 have been one of my most steady and constant companions this past year. I thank you for keeping me company- especially in those first, very dark days...Please know how much you've helped me this past year- and you didn't even know it! :)

I have often thought of this work as the body learning a new language in the same way any of us may learn a new language. Like you, I too was drawn immediately to the 'trueness' of this work, but having my body incorporate it was a whole other thing. At first it's tackling just the vocabulary, followed by verb conjugation and the ultimate....dreaming in that other language.....At first it's constant reminders to pull up into posture and while there is some degree of that "trueness" (deep deep down in the recesses of somatic memory) it really doesn't feel 'normal'. But then, it starts to, because the 'old' starts to feel uncomfortable and abnormal....and finally, there is truly no other way. I have definitely reached the point where i can honestly say I'll never go back to the old- I don't think I even could! I can't say I've reached the 'dreaming' stage yet though. But I very much look forward to it! :) And in the meantime, there are too many positives to ever go back. This is for life. As it should have been from the beginning!

Your timeline for incorporating posture is a good one....similar to mine, I would say. It's so vital for members here to realize that with time and work, the old posture really does go away, WW posture really does take over, and when that happens, it is a transformation at every level of being. Your story epitomizes what I wish for everyone who comes here. It gives me great joy to have contributed to your success. And I thank Christine every day. - Surviving

Dear Gr8fl,

I thank you will all my heart for posting this beautiful testimonial. I read it a couple of days ago, but have been too tied up to respond. As Surviving said, it is such a blessing to have women come back and tell us of their progress. How else will newbies understand the importance of this work? This is something you will be working with for the rest of you life, and I believe in my heart of hearts that it is protective of our health and well-being in ways we can't even see or understand. I am by far not a 'health-nut,' but with the posture, a decent diet, enough sleep, exercise and my little potions and lotions (ha - for me that means honey, vinegar, lime juice, a couple of supplements and red clover tea) I feel deeply protected like I can live out my life - no matter how long that may be - in good health.

For everyone - please don't get discouraged if you are feeling 'low'. It happens to all of us again and again, and the only thing to do is a bit of firebreathing, nauli, and get on with your day in WW posture and with a smile on your face!

Wishing you well,


P.S. We are beginning to plan the 2014 Conference, which will be August 8-10 this year. This includes the HUGE dream of opening up my tiny studio into the space next door, so I will finally have a large class and performance space. Please keep your fingers crossed!

Gr8fl.....your story of recovery and stabilisation could well be my story too. Though my story encompasses about 3 years now. I take my hat off to you for writing your experience. I keep promising to sit down and write my success story. I owe Christine a huge debt of gratitude for her work, so an endorsement of her work is the least I can do. Your story has given me the kick...to get my act together...and write it down.
To all the ladies new to this. iT WORKs...but it takes patience, diligence and time.
I so believe in this I have considered becoming a WW teacher, but it may just have to wait until next year. I want women to understand this work and to stop talking about their pelvic organs in hushed tones.
Lots to get done today, gotta go, but just wanted to endorse what you have said, and thank the beautiful ladies on this forum. I promise to write my story too.

Dear Christine,

Thank you so much for your kind words and for including my story in your February newsletter. I'm deeply, deeply touched.

Yes, this is something I will be working with for the rest of my life. I must admit that, often times, the reality of that is daunting. But when I start to get down about it, I remind myself of exactly what it is that WW 'asks' of us. Well...let's see...it's about standing up straight, strong and true, and being mindful and conscious of how we move throughout our lives.....hmmm...looking at it that way, it no longer becomes daunting at all, but rather a matter of common sense. In fact, during this past year I found the 'simplicity'*of the work to be not only one of it's more beautiful aspects, but also one of it's more compelling.

*(A quick, but important, side note here-**Please know, I do realize that is a very rudimentary way of looking at WW. The actual logistics of getting the posture 'just right' was/is for me a continuing process that takes TIME and EFFORT- it is accurately described as 'work' after all. Despite being a full year into this, I still consider myself a newbie. I am not 'cured'. My prolapse will never be cured. BUT it, and I, can be HEALED. "Heal"- 'to make sound or whole'; to restore to health'! I am in the process of healing my pop and to a great degree, myself as a whole! This is a tough journey- emotionally AND physically-but I am able to see how much of my own 'story' contributed to where I am today. Contributed to my pops. The bowel issues that I was too embarrassed to ever address (grew up in a home where NOTHING was talked about, everything was "perfect"..), the suck/tuck posture that I adopted in large part because I needed to make myself as small as possible(so sad), the pushing my body so hard without asking if those tasks were being respectful of it's feminine strengths...and so on. That's just my story and part of my healing. I'm so far from being healed, but this WW work has set me on that path in a way that a pessary, pelvic PT, or surgery couldn't. Again...that's just my story. But- I did venture into the medical arena when I prolapsed the first time, and now I've adopted WW for the second one. Growth and improvement happened with WW- I personally found no healing in the traditional medical model for pop. (The healing I experienced pp I attribute solely to my body's natural healing ability not to the pelvic PT or pessary I tried).

And perhaps most importantly, with WW- I don't have to do this journey by myself. I'm not alone.

This work WORKS- in soooooo many ways beyond prolapse.

Thank you so much for all of this Christine!
(And CONGRATULATIONS on your expansion!!!!!!!!!! That's so exciting!!!! :)

...to hear your story aussielou.:) This past year, I so loved reading all the success stories- they really helped keep me going. I was so excited to be able to add mine to the mix.

Ahhh..the hushed tones...yes, those do need to go. I'm not quite ready to shout from my rooftop, but I'm getting there!! :)

Thank you Aussielou!