The Posture


I read The Whole Woman several years ago when I learned, after a routine pelvic exam, that I had the beginnings of a rectocele. Recently the problem has become quite pronounced and I am ready to take action. Just reading material on the website and some of the forum posts has given me the confidence that I can make changes myself.
What is the posture everyone is talking about? How do I learn it? Is it on a DVD I need to purchase?
I have been doing yoga. Do I have to give up traditional practice or are there just some poses I should avoid?
I often sit on an exercise ball. Is that a good thing?

Whole Woman posture is the natural human posture that we all used to have, until the world started teaching us to suck in and tighten our abs, and tuck our butts under. When we did that, we started down a path towards loss of pelvic organ support and hip stability. WW posture restores lower lumbar curvature and gives the organs a place to rest in the hollow of the relaxed lower belly, taking pressure off the vaginal space, and seating our torso correctly over the hip joints.

For starters you should go over to the Resources tab, look for the Video page and watch the first video on the page. It is a 20-minute overview of Christine’s work. The first half gives some background on prolapse and why surgery is not a viable option. The second half explains the principles of pelvic organ support. Start there, and continue reading throughout the website/blog/forum for more detailed information.

No quick fixes here, and we can’t hand you the information. You must learn, understand and apply it yourself. Happy reading! - Surviving

PS: Yes, there are definitely yoga postures you need to avoid. Can't say about the exercise ball, it would depend on how you're sitting I guess.