I have not found any information on this procedure. I am over due for my first screening and am concerned due to stage 3 prolaps. please if any of you veterans have experience or advise, I am listening! Thanks!

Use the search box, this has come up for discussion from time to time. My personal experience is that I had one prior to discovering my rectocele. It was negative for polyps and I don't plan to have another. I don't blame the procedure for advancing my 'cele, though I guess I'll never know. I just don't want to go through it again. Other folks will have different experiences and different opinions. - Surviving

Hello, I actually found the colposcopy wasn't to bad and I explained to the person doing the procedure to be gentle but since then I have Had another internal which really messed me up for days!! Felt so fed up and god knows if it's made me worse's a hard call they said I had pre cancerous cells so felt I had no choice. Sorry I am not further help