instead softcups


I was reading the forum last night and came across some posts on the instead of softcups. I have never heard of anything like this as I probably have not a period in 20 yrs. Some people say they are wonderful to hold everything in place.I'm thinking they might be good for a busy day when you really are hoping not to have the bulge come out.Have any of you ever tried them or have any opinions. I would love a day not to have the bulge and get it out of my mind.

Grammy, I can't recall any recent discussion of this, and I would suggest that you do a search, but I see you've already found some I guess that would be your answer.

i don't think that very many of us have had much luck with this approach. i have rectocele and can't keep anything like that inside anyway. Anything that holds the vagina open is working this from the wrong angle. Instead of thinking about how you can temporarily "forget" about the bulge, why not start teaching yourself to "remember" the posture? The bulge is not the end of the world, especially when you start to learn the techniques for stabilization and getting the pressure off the vagina.

I know that you have a support garment which you have stated is quite helpful when some extra help is needed. Work on the posture all the time, wear the support when you feel the need, and forget about sticking something up in there. i urge you to get started seriously with this work. - Surviving