Need help postpartum


Hi everyone!
I am 22 just had 2nd baby 6 weeks ago and found out I have a rectocele and cystocele and 4 weeks postpartum. I'm pretty sure I have a urethrofele as we'll. I can't see I'm my vagina because of it. It blocks my vagina entrance. Nothing hurts but I have become extremely depressed and OCD. Constantly checking vagina and googling. I'm on suicide watch. I have read lots of forums on here and found out about nauli a week and a half ago. Did not know you shouldn't do it unless you are further postpartum. I just do a quick forward, butt out, hands on sides. Breathe out. Bring tummy up and it sucks everything up when I feel it drooping. Did I make things worse by nauli? I'm pretty sure the smart ball a midwife gave me the other day cause my urethracele when taking it out. Anyways it feels worse lately. I feel like I keep doing everything wrong and hate myself. I am very conscience of posture I don't lift anything but baby. Terrified to so anything. Even picking up toys I feel like I'm going to make things worse. I do only 3 sets of levels a day. I'm on progesterone cream for my depression and I take a lot if herbs. Just getting off antibiotics for bladder infection. Finally got my poop good. Didn't need to really splint today. Scared I made things worse with splinting too. Can someone put me out of my misery? This is all I think about I want my life back. Help me

Three sets of kegels*

I hope it doesn't hurt to do acupuncture I'm doing that as well

Sydneymac, first let me suggest that you take a deep breath and STOP. You are in a terrible tailspin at the moment, so please just breathe, relax, and stop running back and forth between this solution and that solution, and let's just talk about what's happening to you, because it's extremely common.

Personally I could never understand why anyone would want to look at their vagina after giving birth....but that's just me. I felt quite bulgy after both my babies, and I wouldn't have expected anything different. A great deal of PP prolapse resolves on its own if given half a chance. Mine did, but came back after menopause (we'll get to that later).

Some quick suggestions for now:
Quit looking.
Don't worry about nauli for now (it's a great tool, but it's tricky and you aren't ready).
Stop kegeling (actually bad for prolapse. Just ask me - I did it for decades!)
Acupuncture, I don't see the point, but if you like it, why not.

I'm unclear on the hormone say you were prescribed this for post partum depression? Can you clarify? I haven't heard of someone so young and so recently PP being treated with hormones. I don't like the sound of it, so maybe you can explain it more.

OK now, POSTURE. You say you are very careful of your posture. If you have had a chance to read around the site, you probably noticed that posture is our thing here, it's how we manage our prolapse. So I'm thinking I'll kick this discussion back to you, and you can tell us what you know about posture. Then we'll tell you more about Whole Woman posture, because I have a feeling that it isn't what you're doing now. Back to you! - Surviving

Trust me I never wanted to be in this vagina at 4 weeks postpartum but I was constipated and in terrible pain. We found out I couldn't poop because of the recto lee and then also found the cystocele. I was told to kegel and go home and one day I might want surgery for the rectocele. Spoke to a midwife and found another doctor. Midwife had a uterine prolapse and doc has a rectocele and uterine prolapse. They swear by kegels so I'm curious why they are bad. I feel kegels helped me use the bathroom regularly again but I don't want to make my prolapse worse.

The doctor gave me progesterone cream to level out my hormones. She has seen great result with anxiety and depression postpartum using hormone creams.

Let me explain I was never good at posture before I'm careful with it now. No more c shaped spine. I try to always make sure I have my lumbar curve chest up and out and shoulders back. Making sure weight is on heels not on balls of feet and when bending over butt out keeping curve. I'm having trouble keeping belly out. I want to pull it in just a bit which that feels natural.

So why is it that I can't nauli? Is it bad for prolapse if not done right? I'm really upset that every time someone says something is good for prolapse it turns out to be bad. I just want to be happy again and enjoy my kids

Dear SydneymacOO,
I will firstly congratulate you on your new baby.
You have come to the best place here, where you have the advantage of starting WWPosture young, which will see you with many long-lasting benefits.
WWPosture means the natural curve in your back, lower belly relaxed, & the lifting of the chest lengthens & strengthens the abdominal muscles.
Keep your shoulders down not back, which keeps your upper back flat.
Lift your head as if the back of it is lifted by a ribbon, & tuck in your chin slightly.
Your body weight should be distributed evenly on the soles of your feet, which need to be kept facing straight & parallel.
Walking in WWP will strengthen & lengthen your abdominal muscles, closing them like an elevator door, while protecting your abdominal organs in the front lower relaxed belly. Your hips will be in their correct position with this posture, protecting them also.
For now concentrate on the posture,as Surviving 60 said, while walking, sitting, as your body needs time to recover from the birth.
With (((hugs)))
Best Wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

I'm going to stop obsessing.
We'll try
I'm going to put my mental health and posture first and let my body heal naturally

It has to be the Kegals that are making me worse. I have started feeling a pinching sensation and period pains. Hopefully with stopping the kegels it will get better

I am going to forgot about what I have done to make things worse if I did and focus on healing and recovering.

Thank you. It's been really hard but I have to trust in my body. I have had a lot happen in the last 5 years and i guess this was just the icing on the cake.

I had already ordered the hab it DVD because it was in my price range. Is this okay to do?

Do you hold your upper abdominal muscles in the posture since lower belly is relaxed?

The Hab It dvd is a kegel-based program. Christine has written extensively on why kegels are bad for prolapse - they pull the organs into the vagina instead of away from it. The pelvis is not a bowl with a hole at the bottom, as it is usually portrayed. If you want to read more about this, click over to the Blog, and put "kegels" into the search box. My favorite article is called "Just Do Yer Kegels". I did quite a bit of kegeling in my youth and middle age. i now have cystocele and rectocele, and I've been managing them with WW posture for almost 4 years. And I still can't really figure out nauli! But WW firebreathing does the same thing for me.

You are discovering that there is a wealth of conflicting information out there about how best to deal with prolapse. It's a shame that when this hits, it thrown us into panic mode. We have all been there. Please slow down. Throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the mix is just going to make you crazier.

There isn't a "cure" for this. It will get better as you heal, and might even go away altogether. Mine did, for about 20 years, and then it was back. So, learning WW posture. I wish I had done so at your age. - Surviving

Hi SydneyMac, you haven't made anything worse, your body is just recovering from making a baby.

What herbs are you taking? Just because they are natural does not mean they are safe. Do you need to take them?

Your mental health is far more important than your prolapses at the moment. Do you have family help close by? If you are on suicide watch I would suggest very, very strongly that you need medication. Many medications for depression and anxiety can be taken while breastfeeding, if this is what you are doing. You need to rest and relax. And be a mother and enjoy your newborn.

Just wanted to say I also found out just after my first abbey and was also obsessed with checking and crying!!! I use to make myself sore because my doctors kept a saying nothing was wrong and normal following childbirth but I knew it wasn't! Firstly I was the same, scared to do anything and don't forget you are really hormonal and vulnerable so just try to calm down. Please please stop doing Kegals, it's very hard as that's all they tell you to do but it made me much worse.. Do the new Kegals Christine shows on here. It's hard because I had to make the step to come out of traditional help I.e Physio they wanted me to keep filling my bladder and not go to teach my bladder to behave apparently but as you can imagine the worst thing I could do!! You will get brave, find strength and realise things can be a lot worse and you will be happy and healthy. Enjoy your baby, you will regret not doing that. Keep in touch