the clothes you wear


In the past 2 weeks, since I discovered I had prolapse, bulge out of vagina, I have been reading the forum everyday and trying so hard to do the posture.I can't say it's helping yet, but I am praying it will. I just read today about tight pants. I have always worn snug jeans. It's actually all I wear. When I wear these are they bad for my prolapse? Do any of you here wear your snug jeans anymore or should you wear looser ones. I hate the way elastic waist pants feel and look on me. Just curious about you all wear..

Hi Grammy,
Tight jeans are horrible for prolapse. They force the belly in when it should be relaxed.
Look around for some looser pants, your prolapse will really appreciate your efforts. I actually have a nice pair of jeans that are very loose in the belly, but I really like to wear the knit pants with the wide waist band. They are very comfortable and don't constrict my belly.
Posture takes time, so be patient with it. Rest when you need to. Get down on knees and forearms and breath deeply into your lower belly. It took a month or two for me to get that initial really intense bulgy sore feeling to go away.
Have you gotten your book yet? Getting a really good understanding of the process helps in keeping this work going. Don't give up. You have only just begun what you are going to be doing the rest of your life. I really admire all the research you have been putting into this. It shows a strong desire for improvement. That is good!

Hello, I was devastated when I learnt about changing clothes and first thought this is to much! But once you get more in tune with your body you will suddenly find them ridiculously uncomfy and can't wear jeans at all now, I wear leggings all the they and they have brought out stretch jeans/leggings which look good and no buttons, going to order some for when I have no bump! Hope you find something comfy for you.

Grammy, it's true that you can't do this work if your clothes are constricting the belly or cinching the waist. I didnt have to make too many wardrobe adjustments, though. I can still wear the jeans that are not tight and are very low rise (I belt them sort of loosely under the belly, instead of buttoning them). For casual I prefer drawstring pants to anything with elastic. For the office, the main switch I had to make was to tops and sweaters that overhang the waist but still look professional.......can't tuck anything into my pants anymore. Most of my work pants have a front zipper. I zip them up, but instead of fastening the hook or buttoning the button, I fold the waistband under, and this is hidden by whatever I'm wearing on top. - Surviving

Me too, wintertime I live in leggings and tunics. I buy half a dozen black and half a dozen brown leggings and wear them until they're thread bare. It's so easy to throw on a long shirt, leggings and boots or clogs. In summer I prefer loose apron-like sundresses.

I still wear jeans most of the time. The waist is quite loose (I've lost some weight.) Therefore I have no trouble in zipping or buttoning them. I walk a lot (about 2 hrs daily) and they are comfortable and don't clinch my stomach or waist. I go to stores and take hours trying on pants and jeans but it pays off when I find the comfortable ones. None of my jeans are skinny-tight anyway. I don't particularly like that look.

I agree Sevilla, I have found that investing a little time to try things on, can really pay off. I managed to find a couple pairs of office pants that I can actually hook at the waist without feeling constricted in the least. Trial and error! I hate to shop, so if I can do it, anyone can. - Surviving

I have been wearing jeans for years. I use a belt as my jeans are pretty loose and I can adjust it thoughout the day so I am always comfortable. I think the way we choose jeans is of the most help - Looking for figure hugging stuff - Which is fine on the legs - But if on your waist may well not be so fine (Tho if you get jeans with lycra in them - two washes and the waist is an inch or two looser already)

I was pretty upset years ago thinking that after being so overweight for so long and not being able to get jeans to fit - Now I can after losing about 126lbs. I was upset at the thoguht of not being able to wear them - So - I found my own way. The jeans annoy me if they start to fall, but - I am now used to continually adjusting a belt (son gave me a quick release belt buckle which is a godsend lol)
I would love to be able to find a decent elasticated belt - But I doubt that would do much for my continual-adjustment syndrome. - Small price to pay though for being allowed to wear my beloved jeans.....

I guess we will be adjusting our wardrobes to suit - Making new clothes etc - So we are having the freedom to just 'be' I guess my luck at losing the weight to the size I am is - when I find clothes that fit my lower body - Teh waist is always too loose.. So I don't hafta spend my effort searching for jeans to fit there - If they fit my legs they are usually at least an inch too loose on my waist.....

I would say that if you look around you will find a shop where the clothes are cut a little different... Or you will get used to adjusting them. Also - Those low waisted jeans are below and sit on your hip bones - They won't tend to constrict your belly so much - Personally they feel funny - But we get used to different stuff don't we in time :-)

I gave up my jeans and wear non-constricting pants. I was looking online for a pajama pant pattern, with only a inseam to make some pants. i have so much fabric and love doing french seams. Change works. I love putting the curve in my back. Next week I have the challenge of telling my GYN I have decided not to have the prolapse uterus surgery. Sewing will keep me focused, with the WW sitting posture.

Had lots of casual and yoga pants but needed something dressier. Land's End has many knit pant styles including a jeans knit. I too hate to try on clothes but find that's a must now. I'd already gone to tunic tops when I lost my waistline (somewhere in my 60s!) and there are lots of neat styles. Inspired by Christine in the DVDs, I located some black tights which tuck into boots so perfectly. We've had 60" of snow this season; so the boot part is important. It's been fun sewing new tops in natural fabrics but I too miss my jeans.

To piggy-back on what "LifeGoesOn04" and "Christine" said, a while ago I found 75% cotton, 21% polyester, and 4% spandex leggings in SAMS club. They are sold under the June & Daisy brand and are made by Hue. They come in various colors, including "denim", with boot length and capri length. They cost about $18.00. They hold up much better than expected and aren't the least bit constrictive.