Slightly freaked


Hello I know your not doctors but freaked myself out and it's the weekend and wanted some advise. I am 23 weeks pregnant now, I am not sure what my vagina used to look like sounds silly but if I can help it now I never look as I don't like to or ever go internally because it freaks me out. But today I had to and on the outside of my vagina one side is more swollen than the other by quiet a bit..I don't have any symptoms and my question is and what's scaring me is could something internally be dropping so it looks more swollen on the outside because it's bulging down?? Sorry I just don't know what my body used to be like but I hadn't noticed how different one side was to the other but don't want to feel internally it depresses me. Sorry for graphics but as you know it's the only place I can ask and don't want to go to the doctors re my prolapse as I always leave more upset because they normally dismiss I have a prolapse due to my age! Many thanks

Lifegoeson, if I knew where you lived, I'd be coming to your house to take that mirror away from you! Stop looking. If you were not in the habit of looking at your vagina before you got pregnant, now is not the time to start. You say you have no symptoms, you are just scaring yourself. Others may disagree and have better answers for you. I never was one to poke around and check myself out. - Surviving

Hey surviving...while you're out swing by and get mine. It does get to be a bit of an obsession and not really productive. Think it was bad_mirror who coined the phrase "checkarama" ;-)

It might just be veins which tend to swell quite a bit down there during pregnancy.

Not so terribly long ago, I decided to do the checking thing. I checked myself out when I was feeling most symptomatic. I checked myself out when I was feeling least symptomatic. I checked myself out before and after firebreathing (yep, big difference).

So then I said to myself, OK self, now you know exactly what it looks like, at its best and at its worst. What would be the point of further checking? The sensations of our symptoms tell us what we need to know. Seeing it at various stages, removes the mystery and allows you to make a connection in your head between how you feel and how it probably looks at any given moment. So why keep looking? - Surviving

This is just my thought, but I would think as your uterus expands to accomodate your kiddo that it would be normal for things to appear swollen and bulgy. Stuff has to move around ;-) As long as you are not having any concerning symptoms or acute changes I wouldn't panic...just enjoy this wondrous time. No more peeking!

Sorry I did read your comments which helped a lot just haven't had a second to reply and say thank you. Was a little worried as well incase it was something wrong (vaginal health wise) and I miss it because I don't ever look these days as it depresses me so what's the point, I agree with surviving probably shouldn't look at all!! Thank you for being there in my freak out moment!