Is hiking considered ok to do? I am thinking that it may not be as you can go up some steep areas. Perhaps walking would be best?

Also, I need to ask this question……I am reading where we need to visit the "library" for more information….but I don't think I can find the right area. Like I would like to read more on posture. I have the book but I just need to re-confirm if I am doing it right. My body responds well to what I am already doing, so perhaps I have it somewhat right. I am no longer in my recliner. I sit with my legs crossed with my my tailbone sitting in the back of the chair with straight back. When I get tired of that I sit towards the edge of the chair with straight back.


Hi tobey,
Hiking can be a challenge because on the uphill the body bends over and it becomes difficult to hold the posture as easily. Of course, walking is the best thing for prolapse, and I can feel the difference between the two. But, I still hike, because I want to. I try to hold posture the very best I can, and I have even, with no one but my hubby around, when I get to the top of a hill do some jiggling and firebreathing. This helps me get through some of those longer hikes. I have been trying not to give anything up, except for heavy lifting which is really hard on my prolapse. As far as I am concerned, we all need to make these choices and be very aware of how it affects our prolapse. If it is really something that bothers your prolapse, cut back or just don't do it.
Don't know about the library reading, but if you want more resources to see if you are holding posture correctly, you can always start looking into Christine's DVDs. There are many examples of posture in those, and they are so helpful in so many other ways also.

What is Jiggling? I have tried to search but have not found an explanation. It is not in the book.

What is Jiggling? I have tried to search but have not found an explanation. It is not in the book.

I am brand new to this website. I knew I had a rectocele in 2012 and have had occastional issues but it seems everything is worse now. During the last 8 months I have had 4 UTIs. I can tolerate the perineal pressure feelings and backache but the UTIs have been miserable. The current UTI problems started after caring for a brand new granddaughter. I am wondering if lifting and carrying her has been prolapse worse? I am waiting to see a urologist as my primary care physician is concerned with the number of UTIs. I am also waiting to receive the Whole Woman book. Can anyone comment on lifting, carrying and how to do this without aggravating the rectocele/POP? Hope it will be in the book - should arrive tomorrow - but also interested in personal experiences. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your comments. I think I may try hiking a short path with my poles and see how it affects me. Like you stated, if it does not agree then I know to stop. I will just try to be very mindful of posture. I want to bike but my area is filled with hills….nothing flat so I have decided to place that on hold until I can find someplace to go.
Thanks much!

Jiggling was created by one of our ladies on the forum. You bend over touching the floor or a chair, and then bounce up and down. This forcefully puts the organs back up inside. Since I have the more profound uterine prolapse, I like to get my uterus back up inside this way, and then I can do some good firebreathing to keep it up there better.
I have done bike riding on road and in the woods. Personally, it doesn't affect my prolapse at all. Of course, when trying new things, see how it makes you feel and always try to stay in posture as much as you can. Christine actually shows bike riding and running in some of her videos.

Christine does explain lifting in the book. It would be best as with all things to learn the posture before you are trying anything else that would be strenuous or work against prolapse. Christine shows lifting also in her videos. You really need to be careful how you are bending over and that you keep the object close to your body as you lift.
I know lifting can't always be avoided, but I try to keep the weight down, because heavy lifting is part of what got me into this situation to begin with.
Once you get your book and start reading, this will all become so much more clearer for you.

That is a lot UTIs. Have you been completely emptying your bladder each time you go to the bathroom? Many times, it is because stale urine is sitting in the bladder that causes these infections. I know the ladies on here will go on all fours and urinate in the shower to completely empty. Or, some of them will lean way forward in a half squat over the toilet. Other ladies have other techniques also. I can't remember all of them, but complete emptying is the key here.
Something to think about.

The concept of jiggling can be carried out in whatever way works. Personally I don't bounce when I jiggle. I just bend over into a firebreathing position and then jiggle my legs really really fast. As if I was running in place in fast motion without my feet actually leaving the ground. Any bodily motion that lets the organs fall forward and settle into the belly, will do the trick. - Surviving

Hi rectocele,

Just wanted to add something re your UTI probs.

When you went to the clinic to get checked out for infection in your urine, were your urine samples sent to be examined by culture? And was the diagnosis of a urinary tract infection definitely confirmed? The reason I'm asking all this is that I also used to suffer from UTI's every couple of months as well. My typical symptom was a burning, raw feeling (especially later in the day and evening hours). The last couple of times I had these specific symptoms and went to the doc, no infection was found EVEN after the specimens had been cultured. At MY OWN suggestion, I asked the doc to prescribe me Premarin (hormonal cream). I suggested this to him as I know that hormonal imbalance at menopause can often mimic the symptoms of a UTI. This hormonal cream should only be used for a short duration but the risk is far less than using the oral pill, as the cream doesn't get absorbed into the bloodstream to the same degree as the oral pill does since it's applied vaginally. Well, I can only speak for myself, but since using Premarin, my symptoms have cleared up and I feel so much better.

There are other women here on this forum who use different kinds of natural remedies for relieving these symptoms but I can't remember the names right now. Perhaps they'll chime in.

I've stopped using the Premarin since my symptoms went away but have some on hand in case they return. I will of course do the requisite urine test just to be on the safe side though.

Hope you feel better,


where is this video?

Some of these videos are actually in the DVDs. I know the running is in the third wheel yoga DVD, and I think also the first aid for prolapse DVD. I am trying to remember where I saw the bike riding example. I think it was also in the first aid for prolapse, but am not sure. Would have to look it over again. Maybe one of the other ladies here would remember where to find it, and come along and tell us for sure.

I couldn't find this clip on the website, but it's on the YouTube channel, WholeWomanInc. - Surviving

Thanks for your comments. I will continue to read.

I saw the techniques in the book and am trying them. I never felt as though I was not completely emptying, but using the techniques, I seem to be emptying more...Thanks for your input.

Thanks so much for your input. I have been to the doctor each time and had urinalysis and cultures to confirm. Am actually on my way for a follow-up visit with my doctor for my latest UTI. Hoping some of Christine's technique's will help.

So happy to have found this forum. Using tips that I found here, feeling so much better. T U

Thank you! I just now tried the jiggling, and it is amazing how quickly my bladder disappeared.

Thanks! I also was wondering what is jiggling, and I just now tried it and it really worked with making my bladder sort of 'disappear'. Amazing!

please if some one can explain the full method of jiggling ?

is this fire breathing= to be on your fours and breath in while you move back and breath out while you move front?

i have all christines whole package including the yoga videos, i am very confused about jiggling? firebreathin.
i have seen the video again and again and found that belly rocks and fitrebreathing is same ?
when i do the fire breathing on my fours my prolapse does not disappear. when i wake up in the morning still it does not go back ,its coming near to the opening day by day,i am vv stressed,keeping the posture too

The best places to learn firebreathing are from the book, from the DVD Saving the Whole Woman (Dictionary of Movements section) and Yoga 3rd Wheel. It is demonstrated repeatedly throughout Christine's prolapse works, including down on hands and knees, as well as standing bent over with your hands on your knees. The breathing sequence is absolutely critical, so just follow her instructions to the letter. It is tricky at first, and somewhat counter-intuitive for those of us who have reversed natural breathing through years of holding the belly in. Belly rocks are indeed similar in that the breathing sequence is the same.

There is nothing too scientific about jiggling and it's not covered in the DVDs, it's just something that one of our practitioners invented years ago. You can do it any way you want. The idea is simply to bend forward (or actually get hands on the floor, or hands and knees position) and just jiggle your body any way that helps those organs settle forward into the hollow of the relaxed lower belly. If you asked 5 people exactly how they jiggle you might get 5 different answers. It's helpful before and after firebreathing, before and after using the toilet. - Surviving

Thank you surviving ,i will re check the cds