Dear Ladies, as I am not a native speaker I don't know if the word evacuation is rude or not to express what I would like to say so sorry if it sounds bad.

I am writing because I am very depressed again. Evacuating is a big problem for me. I am afraid of having nerve damages in my spincter muscles or having a prolapsed rectum besides my rectocele, and I can't relax my muscles to release the stool. In addition to this, my vaginal opening is wider and wider and the area between my vaginal opening and my anus is literally falling down, it is very loose.
My rectocele now is outside sometimes and is quite big and there is "hole" in my vagina.
I was so optimistic as I realised that WW work can help a lot. I am enthusiastic very much and started living in WW style. I know that it is not a quick cure and what I only want is to stop my prolapse worsening. But I am afraid my case is special and I am not able to stop the process. Perhaps others can do but I can not. I feel that my prolapse is still worsening and I am scared to death from not being able to evacuate. Is it possible to help nerve damage?
Now it is difficult to see myself managing my prolapse in the future. I simply can't believe now that I will feel good in 10 years. Now I feel that because of my nerve problems I can't stop my prolapse worsenig no matter how strictly I follow the WW lifestyle.
Thank you for reading my complaint.

Hi budahazya - I have been going back through some of your older posts to see what I can see. I believe that you have been struggling with depression at times, and also having problems with several very important aspects of Whole Woman posture. Trouble relaxing the belly, trouble breathing with your chest lifted.....to me this seems like it all goes hand in hand with your trouble relaxing your sphincter enough pass a bowel movement. I did not find anything that would suggest itself as a cause for nerve damage, unless I missed something.

You were having problems with annal fissures and I can imagine that kind of pain would affect your ability to relax and go. Has that been resolved? Are you able to get softer stools with some dietary adjustments?

Just as there is no way for us to know how you are really doing with the posture work, we are in no position to say whether your case is "special" (your word) or whether your rectocele is any worse than many of our rectoceles. The posture elements are critical in this process, and I don't know if you have them figured out yet. You wrote a long and hopeful post 3 or 4 weeks ago, but it really wasn't clear in that post whether or not you had solved some of the earlier problems I mentioned above that were holding you back from adopting posture.

The progress with this work does not always follow a straight upward arrow. You will continue to have good days and bad as you learn. If the good days send you to the heights of ecstasy, then the bad days are bound to send you back down into the pits. You have to find the middle ground somehow. - Surviving

Dear Surviving, anal fissures are not such a big problem as they were. Re nerve damage: it can be an issue for me, because my doctor pushed my belly to force my babies out during both my deliveries. Both deliveries were very quick, episiotomies were performed on me twice.
Poor eating is a big problem for me, I really don't know if I eat poor or not. Could you help me a bit?
My daily diet is this.
-3-4 slices of white bread daily with some animal fat on it, or with some olive oil
-2-5 cups of coffee daily
-2 pears
-one portion of potatoe or rice or pasta daily
-one portion of chicken thigh or pork daily
-one onion with a teaspoon of salt (it sounds strange but i love it so much) daily
-one portion of fish two or three times a month
-one portion of fresh cucumber, tomatoe or paprica two or three times a week.

Is it poor? How should I change it? To be honest I can not get organic food although I am aware that it would be important.

Thank you for any help on food!

You are filling yourself with processed white bread, starches, and meat. I am not seeing a whole lot of veg here. I suggest you cut out the white bread completely, and replace it with whole grains, or if you can find a sprouted grain or sourdough bread in your area, cut down on the meat, and add a ton more vegetables, especially green ones.
Take it slowly though, adding fibrous food to this kind of diet will probably cause some bloating and gas issues at first. Also, some foods just don't agree with some people. Each time I made a change to my diet, my bowels did complain until they got used to eating a certain way. Now, I think they are the happiest they have ever been, no more constipation for me.

I'm a lover of black coffee myself, but limit myself to about 12 ounces first thing in the morning. Then I switch off to tea (green tea, tulsi, red clover, kombucha, various things that are healthy but have little or no caffeine). Five cups of coffee a day would not agree with me in any way. - Surviving

Thank You Aging gracefully and Surviving, I will cut out white bread and eat much more vegetables. How many days does it take to get use to a new food? Cabbage is a big problem for my bowels, it inflates me terribly. What other green vegetables are there which are good but inflate less?

Ya, cabbage is a big one for gas producing. The best thing to do is try a veg, and then see how it feels, but considering that you don't really eat vegetables at all, many of them being first introduced will probably cause your digestive system to work differently. When I was changing my diet, I had gas, bloating, and sometimes diarrhea that lasted up to two weeks, sometimes. Just depends on how fast you are putting new foods in there, and what you are eliminating.
You could also switch out your white potato with a sweet potato which is a much healthier choice. Your white rice with brown rice. White pasta with whole grain, rice, spelt, sprouted grain pastas.
Some of the meat choices can be replaced with beans, although beans can be very gas producing at first too.
Green vegetables: kale, collard greens, Swiss chard, spinach, beet greens, turnip greens, etc.
throw some peppers, onions, and galic in for a quick sauté with your greens. That can be a great side, or even a main dish with some whole grains.
The vegetable choices are endless; you just have to see what you like, and what you can learn to like.
I really didn't like kale at all, but bought some tuscan(dinosaur) kale, and sautéed it in olive oil lightly, added garlic, dried cranberries, walnuts, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Just love kale now, and it is one of the super foods that is so good for us!
I could go on and on about food, but like I have said before, this is really a personal journey with food, but you can't go wrong adding more veg into you diet.

Aging gracefully these "recipes" are precious for me, because they show me path to follow. Thank you, I begin to dig into this new type of cooking. Budahazya

AG, you should have a food blog, I'd read it every day just for inspiration. - Surviving

Thank you ladies,
I would talk about food everyday, but I know this isn't the place for it. I actually look at new recipes and healthy alternatives every day. My hubby never gets bored of the same kinds of food, he has taken the food journey with me all the way, and he says he feels great.