some thoughts and questions


Hello again ladies,

I have some more thoughts and musings...

Since the return of my periods 3 months ago I have noticed that the latter part of my menstrual cycle and the early part of my period are my most comfortable times. This seems more pronounced since starting ww posture and fire breathing and spending lots of time on my hands and knees with my kids. I wonder if it's because my uterus is heavier at these times and therefore more easily persuaded into position. Perhaps this is an obvious observation but I wondered what others thought. I've found that the more I understand this condition, the better I come to terms with it. Knowledge and power etc.

A few days into this work I actually felt something shift and I felt an ache in my tummy but no pressure on my rectum. Quite remarkable. I have read enough to realise our organs are mobile and this may not remain the case but still, I was quite amazed. I guess this demonstrates how ww can work!

One thing I am struggling with is bending and my understanding of acute angles and how my back should be. For example in childs pose the lumbar curve isn't in place? Is that right? And therefore does that mean in acute angles I can relax the back or is that horribly wrong? For example I have watched my children sitting on their haunches and their backs are relaxed. I have mostly been sitting at a right angle but have found that for some tasks, getting right down on the floor or on all fours is more comfortable (emptying washer/dryer eg). Is this ok? When standing back up i try to lead with my butt!! Welcome thoughts!!

Also which yoga DVD is a good place to start?

Thank you!

Hi Variable. I think from what I've seen on this forum, it's safe to say that virtually all prolapsed women of childbearing age see major fluctuations in symptoms as they go throughout their cycle. I would not worry too much about the angle of your body when you are already in a position of comfort and safety for your pelvic organs (such as in child pose, with the organs resting in the lower belly). We are in similar positions lots of times as we exercise, and go throughout our day. The acute angle aspect comes much more into play when we are in positions where the organs are exposed to the most detrimental type of intraabdominal pressure. That's when you need to try and close up that angle and/or bring whatever you're doing or holding closer to your body (such as a vaccuum cleaner; stand up in good WW posture and bring it to your side instead of leaning out at an obtuse angle). It's why we avoid crunch-type exercise moves on our backs, recumbent bikes, and the like.

I would start with Yoga1and/or Yoga2, if you're buying one at a time. - Surviving