Success! My One Year Anniversary- Stage 2 Cystocele- Words of Wisdom for Newbies


Thank you Christine and all the wonderfully helpful women on this forum with all my heart. I wish I'd written sooner and while in the midst of the healing process. I'll try and recount what helped me. For sure it is a process but I want to say to all the women in the newly diagnosed terror stage, and oh my I was so very frightened, that there is definitely hope for a normal life again! At age 43 last Sept. I had a stage 2 cystocele. Couldn't walk very well, had pain and urgency, trouble with defecation, etc. and now I'm back to nearly normal. Pretty much the only time I experience some discomfort is around my period. I have a very physical job, and it's most likely what caused my prolapse. I can still do it now, albeit in a modified way. My prolapse has been a powerful initiator for me into another stage of womanhood and I'm sure it will be for you too. Trust in your body and follow it. I'm so grateful to have had Christine and all the other women here to hold my hand through this transition and I hope what I share will give back in some way.

The first thing you need to do is get the Prolapse Free in 20 Minutes video. I did... even before I could really walk. I started the exercises right away, which I could hardly do the first time I tried them, that's how bad off I was- and I'm physically fit. My symptoms began to ease incrementally. At first, for a few hours...then the symptoms would return and I would go to hands and knees to help everything fall forward again. GET THE VIDEO. (BTW Christine isn't paying me to say this nor am I a practitioner!) I think I played with doing the exercises at night and in the morning. One was better than the other. I think I eventually went to 2x per day. I modified a shelf with tennis balls for feet so I could have a little writing desk. (To this day I still sit like that and with a pillow behind my back while driving.) One thing I noticed was waking up in the middle of the night and catching myself with my stomach clenched. Years of sucking my gut in whether it was training as a bodybuilder or in athletics or as the fashion had literally traumatized my womanhood!!!! In my heart and mind I now know how traumatizing it is to try and look like men, so that was an interesting layer of onion to peel. There is a lot of psychic material to plumb with these issues. Yes if you are around my age group you will have to deprogram regarding the desirability of flat belly. I like my belly now, even though sometimes it's a funny thing to feel it out in front and on the sides and a differently shaped waist. It's amazing how much gut a woman can suck in...

It's late and I don't have time to write the rest of the novel at the moment so I'll leave an outline of the chapters to finish later:

1. In WW posture, I felt somehow normal again. I realized my body was confused about how it had been holding itself for years. My shoulders relaxed. Back and hip pains went away.
2. Made connection between Spleen Qi Deficiency and Prolapse, changed diet to cooked veggies, stews, ate unhurried and sitting down. Felt better and made defecation a lot easier too.
3. Are most prolapse sufferers Spleen Qi Deficient? I wonder, with all the running around we do. Apparently spleen qi 'lifts' organs.
4. Castor Oil Packs w/heat on your belly are the best to get lower belly muscles to let go.
5. I followed my nose with herbs: Drank Yarrow tea, Raspberry leaf tea, Comfrey tea, Cornsilk tea Yarrow tea and White Oak leaf sitz baths (my absolute favorite). Ground comfrey and put in capsules to insert in vagina at night. Honeybee venom in Emu oil at night.
6. Kegels suck and still suck. I don't recommend them. This from some who practiced them along with qigong for years. I believe my lower mouth wants to be open and soft now so I can hear her better.

Thanks Miel for updating us on your journey! The one-year mark is a good time to take stock. Many of us started to see our best progress around that time - everything really starts coming together. It's so important for newbies to understand that this is not a quick fix, but rather, a new way to live, with benefits that touch all aspects of our lives. You truly get back in proportion to what you put into the effort.

The exercise routine Miel refers to, is a module of the WW Solution to Pelvic Organ Prolapse. And it's a great one!

Thanks again for checking in with the Forum. Those just starting down this road can benefit so much from this kind of encouragement. - Surviving

Hi Meil, congratulations on your WW journey!
It is amazing how WW becomes spiritual awakening and at the same time breaking the societal myths!
I had so many improvements over the last 5yrs, some of which I never imagined, and like you it is a process of getting to know one's body and working with WW to help it recover our natural feminine form, throwing out the conventional beauty and form that we were indoctrinated with!

Congrats again,
Much love and best wishes,

Aussie Soul Sister HELPFUL. Thank you for taking the time to write. Do you do NO Kegals, or any abdominal wall strengthening? I am a mushy mess with a 0 on the vaginal wall contraction seems a bit might help but should I just give it up?

Would you suggest Prolapse Free in 20 minutes first? I am studying everything I can get my hands on and have not yet purchased any of the programs yet but plan to.. And do you suggest any of the estrogen naturals like estroven, etc.?


Yes, this refers to a module contained within the WW Solution to Pelvic Organ Prolapse streaming course, and it would be a good choice for you. It touches on pretty much everything, then you may want to expand your library with some yoga as well (I love those!).

Another good choice for getting the big picture would be First Aid for Prolapse, which is the original video that we (who have been around awhile) hold dear to our hearts. - Surviving