Uterine prolapse help


I’m 22 and I’m pretty sure I have an uterine prolapse. I’m almost 8 months pp and noticed something was up a couple days ago. Well, I’ve been feeling pain for awhile now but thought that was my body just getting back to normalcy. I got an IUD back in January and I thought maybe the pain was from the insertion and every now and then I would do something to trigger the horrible pressure in my pelvic region again. Well a couple days ago I kept having this feeling that I had a tampon half sticking out and I looked with mirror to see what was going on and I saw this bludge that would come out if I pushed and instantly knew that something wasn’t right! They’re almost like a set of lips on the budge and I read that that can be the cervix-I don’t know for sure though. I also am making the decision to get my IUD removed I am in constant pain anytime I bring my legs up even just a little to my stomach (I always sleep in a ball). And I feel like my IUD probably isn’t making the situation better. But I am completely lost and feel absolutely helpless. Where do I even begin? My ob is suppose to be calling me back to make an appointment to get checked out down there but I know I probably won’t like my options. I want to have another baby I am only 22 and I’m beside myself about the whole thing. Please help me.

Hi Romandmom and welcome to Whole Woman. It's not too hard to figure out what type of prolapse you have. You can find out more about the types by starting from the home page (tab all the way at the top left), watching the video for a good overview of our program here, and paging through the sections of the site. Christine has also written a self-exam instruction:


You won't get a lot of help from your OB - doctors generally just tell you to do kegels (totally counterproductive and they simply aggravate the problem), recommend physical therapy (more kegels basically), or just tell you not to do anything at all.

We manage our prolapse by returning to a natural posture where the organs are held forward over the pubic bones, assisted by gravity and proper breathing to keep them out of the vaginal space. It's very basic........and, it does work. But it is an effort at the beginning to re-train the mind and body! And of course, the discovery of prolapse is a very scary time. But it needn't be. At your age you can get a good handle on this, and will go on to have as many babies as you want.

Take a look around the site and come back with your questions. We have a great community here. This is an extremely common problem that unfortunately no one is talking about. We are! - Surviving