On the horizon.......


I am assuming that sometime soon Menopause will strike me.... She looms just on the horizon - Getting ever closer, lol

I have a Cystocele and likely other POPs that I do not really know about as the main problem noticed way back then was always the Cystocele... Which in the beginning was totally peeking out, and after the Posture work etc was back inside and only having a peek every now and then.....

I was wondering if the older people who have gone through Menopause would be able to tell me how things might change in the years to come - Is it a definite that things progress and worsen after the menopause? How will things change when my periods cease? When the hormones leave.... Etc?

Will things change? Do they always get worse, or do they sometimes get better as the uterus is not as busy?

Obviously I am not going off to have any surgeries - None of that malarkey, lol

Guess I just wanted to prepare myself for the inevitable Menopausal symptoms that will hit me then...

Would appreciate an input from ladies who have gone through that already :-)

Thanks for your input :-)

Hi MeMyselfAndI,
I too am on the threshold of menopause, and from what I have been reading here on the forum and from Christine's materials, some women breeze through menopause with few symptoms, while others have more difficulties as in the vaginal atrophy and/or dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, etc. etc. I still don't know where I will fit in that realm of changes as I have experienced much of it during perimenopause. So, the next stage should be interesting.
I have also started viewing Christine's Joy of Menopause program, and so far it is very interesting in that taking good care of our bodies and nourishing them well will really help us along to this next stage in life.

Hope you get more responses; would be interesting to hear what our ladies have to say.

Yes, there are many menopause tales to be found here. I myself was one of lucky ones, mainly just hot flashes. Prolapse symptoms during the final fertile years (tampons coming out) but didn't understand why and didn't become hugely symptomatic until after menopause. But I'll never understand how my menopause was so mild, considering that I was going through a very difficult period of my life, all through the transition. Job and money worries galore, and two school-age kids at home.

Hope it's smooth sailing for you. And if it's not......remember that you will get through it, and there's lots you can do to help yourself. - Surviving

I had not even thought of the hot flashes or anything - LOL.

I mainly thought of the prolapse getting a lot worse after Menopause. Whether it would go in more cos maybe uterus would shrink once no longer menstruating - Or peek more cos of tissues getting lax in the older years. I guess every woman is different.....

Hopefully it won't be too problematic....