Umbilical Hernia & Diastasis recti


Hello everyone,

I have just been diagnosed with a umbilical hernia after experinecing sudden pain & a lump while carrying something heavy.
I'm also currently receiving treatment from a physiotherapist for my diastasis recti. I have a stage 2 uterine prolapse.
I have had 8 children. (I need to update my username!)
I'm wondering what the current belief is surrounding umbilcal hernia repair & also the use of mesh to complete the repair. Is it as dangererous as the mesh used in prolapse surgery? Are there dangers that the medical team may not tell me about?

Thanks for your wisdom,


So sorry to hear of your problem. I have been so happy to follow, for several years ,the WW system of posture and breathing etc that I try to tell as many as possible that there are options before even thinking of surgery. I talk to many people and even support many pop mesh injured souls too. I have spoken to women and men suffering after mesh implants used for hernia repair and sadly have to say the risks are just as high IMHO. The mesh is alien to the body,usually plastic and designed to use inflammation to integrate in the body tissues . It can set up pain and if that happens there are few answers as mesh was designed to be permanent and few surgeons in the whole world have the skill or experience to safely attempt mesh removal. In some hernia cases watchful waiting is possible but others are more urgent . The traditional hernia ops used intricate skills and lots of stitching and there are a few surgeons in the world who can still offer these ops . It is more than likely the type of op that footballers opt for as they are more compatible with the body IMHO. For more info please join fb group Sling the Mesh .
I am eternally grateful for my WW life style and all Christine's help . I hope she will forgive me for explaining my experiences re hernia injured people . This site motivated me to try to spread the word about WW and natural solutions and so brought me into contact with many people in that quest.

Hi mumof6 er 8!
As far as I've been reading (and anytime mesh is mentioned my ears are peeled these days) but the hernia mesh is just as dangerous. It's the scar tissue that forms around and within it, and then there's the issue of sharp edges that poke and slice.
I want to say that there is another hernia operation where mesh is not used, I wonder if Christine would know more about this.
My 3 year old has what I believe to be an unbilical hernia. From what i've read it can still go away up to the age of 5 so I'm hoping it does because I would not want her to have surgery...
she's in beautiful whole woman posture tho and I believe that the posture can go a long way to help heal both the umbilical hernia as well as your diastasis. You mention that you've been working with a PT for that but really, ww posture should help close those muscles as you pull up. Not sure tho if there's a window where the healing works best (like i wonder if muscles have been separated too long will they still find their way back to each other).

Thanks for your input, wise women.

I've just sent a request to the sling the mesh fb group.