MeganP27 - immediate results with prolapse!


I have only been doing Christine's exercises consistently for about a week so far. And you know what? It has made the difference between me wearing a pessary and not!!! You see, I recently went to the OB/gyn because my prolapse had gotten bad enough to where I felt I now needed a pessary. : ( Years ago my (very prominent and well respected) OB/gyn told me there was nothing I could do to stop my prolapse from progressing. I believed her. Years and years go by and yes, my prolapse does indeed worsen. I am in menopause right now and recently I literally started feeling a ping pong ball in my vaginal opening! OMG! I also recently started (about 3 months ago) following a women's physical therapist online and subscribed to her prolapse program. I was doing her exercises for the 3 months or so and honestly, I was continuing to worsen. Sneezing, coughing, and lifting, I was taught to "zip up". So everytime I had to sneeze or cough I would do a kegal, squeeze as hard as I could (so my organs wouldn't fall out from the pressure) and pull my internal organs up, then proceed to sneeze, cough or lift. And every single time I did this, I still felt my organs push further down and out through my vagina no matter how hard I squeezed and zipped up! (This sounds so ridiculous now. How could I possibly think that me squeezing could counter the force of a sneeze or cough! Obviously there is something not right about this approach) So I went to the doctor because the "ping pong ball" was almost completely outside of my vagina and I felt desperate. So I got a pessary.

I hated it. It went in ok. It fit ok. But when I would take it out it would SUCK my organs out with it no matter how hard I tried to break the seal first. I thought, this just is not going to be good for me. So I decided I wasn't going to wear that thing if at all possible, but I had no other alternatives!

Again, I went online searching for SOME evidence somewhere for any information regarding prolapse and how to reverse it or at least stop it from progressing. That was when I found Christine's site! Like everything else I have encountered healthwise, there was always another better more supportive way to handle the issue. I don't know why I didn't think to look sooner. Actually I did but the only thing I ever found on the subject just confirmed what the doctor's all said in that you cannot reverse prolapse and it worsens as you get older. Even the physical therapist I was following!) But the pessary pushed me over the edge. I thought SOMEONE must know how to deal with my prolapse. I simply refused to believe that it cannot be reversed!! AND THEN THERE SHE WAS!! I love Christine for this! I really do.

Anyway, back to the story. So, I do the exercises for a week or so, and I learned the correct posture. And even though I don't always remember, and I do read in bed, and I slouch in front of the computer a lot (I am getting better at remembering though now) here is what I can tell you now about coughing and sneezing...

All I have to do is remember to assume the correct posture if I am not already, and I can sneeze, cough, and lift all I want and nothing moves!!!! My organs are secure in their place! All this squeezing and zipping up did nothing for me after three months, and yet the posture helped me immediately!

I can also tell you that the minute I assumed the correct posture I knew this is what my body wanted. What helps me to remember is when I feel the prolapse again. That is when I assume the posture again, and I can literally feel my organs go back into place. It feels soooooo good!! My body is soo happy and it just feels so right.

So, I went from permanent "ping pong ball" coming out my vagina, to almost never feeling that. As long as I remember to be in the correct posture it just never happens. This is astounding!

I know this is only the beginning. I am still prolapsed but the "ping pong ball" has gone away. I don't need the pessary and sneezing, coughing, and lifting are no longer a scary thing. And there is still more to come!! : ))

I am so incredibly inspired by this I want to make it my life's work somehow. I am going to allow this to flow through me and see what transpires within as to how I might go about this in a way that will honor who I am and what I have to give. I want to reach all the women out there who feel there is no other choice but to believe their doctors! The answer is sooo simple!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your life's work Christine. You are a blessing and I am so glad to be on the planet at the same time as you!

Hi Megan and welcome to the forum! This post is such a joy to wake up to this morning. The greatest gift of this posture correction is how it allows you to let go of all that fear and dread, and instead, use your symptoms constructively to help keep you on track. It is completely life-changing. I too, thank Christine every day for my good fortune in discovering her work before even considering pursuing any other avenues on this journey. As you can see, the organs are always on the move, which is why we can learn to tame them with posture and lifestyle choices. Some of these become automatic over time, but mindfulness will ALWAYS play a crucial role.

A week is not a long time, but it certainly indicates that you have a clear understanding of the fundamentals. You will still have your bulgy days, but once you can visualize the dynamics of all this, you can take steps to improve things while just getting on with life. That seems to be happening for you and I am so happy that it is!

This forum is a great way to connect with other women going through the same thing. Even those who find their way here, may still need quite a bit of support and encouragement; this doesn't come easily for everyone, by any means. We need and rely on contributions from members at all stages of the WW work. So thanks for joining and telling your story.....hope to hear more of it! - Surviving

your comment brought joy to my heart meganp.. I feel very much like you - just elated that this site is here, that Christine's done this work... I don't want to sound like I've been brainwashed or anything but this stuff *really* just IS that great. And anyone who knows me in real life knows i'm analytical, sceptical, and a realist - and because of these facts is why I've looked into this from every angle - surgical, anatomical, mental, and actual and like you - it works for me and "feels" right.
I used to also kegel when lifting, when standing, when sneezing - even after I found this site - I held onto a few of those old crutches until lo and behold, it all started making sense.
I remember clear as day having to sneeze and cough in the car - and struggling to exaggerate the posture quickly while seated in a low bucket seat, without even thinking about it - it was then that I knew that this posture was becoming second nature... no longer was I squeezing/kegeling to cough or sneeze, I naturally started extending into exaggerated posture to do so! because that felt SO secure...
I lift and carry and hope to start running again soon and a year ago i felt like life was over and I wouldn't be doing any of those things.
The peace of mind and power I got and get from this site is truly life changing.... and while I *want* to sing it from the rooftops, I have kept pretty quiet about this journey apart from close female family... however, I do slip posture into conversations, natural remedies and natural healing as well, and I'm always up for a chat about the medical industry. None of these things are pie in the sky - there's data on everything and it just needs to be analyzed. And lucky for us, Christine's here with her great body of work, made available to us. Like you - I'm glad we're on the planet at the same time! had this happened pre-internet, who knows...

I'm new as of this afternoon to this site! Already am feeling relaxed and less fearful, stressed, or doomed. There's SO much here, and can't wait to start everything! Where do I find the proper sitting position? The exercises? I found the 'new kegal' video so far..... Please guide me! Thanks! And thanks for the positive posts! I can't tell you how relieved I am.......

Hi Megan,

It fills my heart with joy to hear of your success and happiness. Yes, you will be able to manage your symptoms very well for the rest of your life. There is no magic or mystery here, but simply the way the body works - which no one had ever before told us!

Please know that the body responds to health-giving medicine in a myriad of other ways as well. The body is changeable and always wants to come back toward health, which is very hard to do when it is being hit with DNA damaging chemotherapies, unrecoverable surgeries, etc., etc.

Let’s all agree to be the very best we can be, right here, right now. Feed your body well, exercise, and of course always stay pulled up into WW posture.

I’m working very hard on an exposé of the breast cancer industry. Can’t say too much about it atm, but I can hardly sleep because all I want to do is to keep connecting the dots to an astonishing story of how women with bc are being treated by the medical system.

Thank you so much for being here Megan, and if you are interested in becoming a WW Practitioner, just let us know.

Love and blessings,


So glad you found us!

I would start with the First Aid for Prolapse video course, which is chock-o-block with WW information. If you can add the exercise bundle, all the better because it includes many different programs to choose from.

This is a way of living in the body that all of us are doing for the rest of our lives. It just feels right!

Wishing you well,