I have a prolapsed uterus and do the fire breathing exercises in the morning as well as the pee on pee off ones. In the last week I have developed cystitis which is very bothering. Lots of urgency! I wonder what you helpful people there would recommend. With many thanks!!

Hi sunrise - have you been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection? Do you use WW toileting techniques to make sure you are emptying your bladder completely, at least once a day? Let us know how you are feeling now. - Surviving

Thank you so much Surviving! I don’t think I have a urinary tract infection but perhaps could go to my Dr to check that out. I only had some pain/discomfort one day. Am having a need to pee much more often. The V2 supporter helps and I have started to wear it every day. Thanks for mentioning the toileting techniques and completely emptying the bladder. I lean way over when I pee and wonder if there is more that I can be doing to completely empty my bladder. That sounds very important! Any other ideas? So many many thank yous again!! I so appreciate the support of Whole Woman!!!!

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