Healing Wounds on external prolapse


Has anyone had success with a topical treatment for tears or blisters? I have been using coconut oil for years but I do have a tear. It occasionally bloods a tiny bit when irritated. I saw the gyn yesterday and she offered up an obliteration solution. She also mentioned that it would not be good if I got an infection on my prolapse that would not be good. Honey seems messy to me, so would like another idea. Does anyone use antibacterial products from the drugstore as topicals? Has anyone had obliteration surgery?

I don't use this forum too much but I am so thankful for it. I am 74 years old now and retired.

Hi Discouraged,

I took a quick look back through your history with us - which goes back quite a ways!

Unfortunately, I don’t see that you have ever talked about moving your organs forward with the WW work. No wonder you are still struggling!

I certainly don’t mean to be chastising in any way, but it is a simple truth that some women grasp hold of and make sense of this work, and others simply don’t. You seem to want to talk about estrogen replacement, recumbent bikes, antibiotic vaginal medication, etc., none of which aligns with WW. Indeed, the WW work is rather messy, but we understand that restoring comfort and health means restoring natural anatomic and biologic systems.

Colpocleisis, or “vaginal obliteration” is not a final solution to prolapse. I ended my book by describing a case study of an older woman who had endured all the prolapse operations, including finally, colpocleisis. One day during a bowel movement she felt horrific pain, only to discover that several feet of intestines had eviscerated through her “obliterated” vaginal opening.

From our perspective, it is a great blessing to have a uterus and be able to work with the forces of nature to pull the organs forward. You really have to either see this, or depend on medical management of your symptoms.

Wishing you well,


I use Aquaphor ointment and it has helped me tremendously. I try to do what I can with the ww posture and breathing but I am a caregiver to my husband and have to do a lot of lifting so I don’t see an improvement but at least my grade 4 prolapse has not gotten worse. I also wear cotton panty liners and a hideaway belt which is a God’s send . So thankful for this site and Christines work. Sadly I didn’t find it until thecworse was done. I do use honey in the evening before going to bed. Best wishes

Hi Chistine,
I have bought and read your book and watched you videos. I have worked on the posture and fire breathing. I have done exercises daily. I have written a success story and submitted it. Maybe I have been inactive for a while and been unable to attend conferences but that does not mean I am not a fan and a very grateful one. And those things have helped, particularly the posture. I continue to seek new information about things...just my nature I guess. Recently I fell backwards hard and landed on my prolapse so that sent me to investigating again medical opinions. To me the idea of obliteration surgery seemed mutilating, but I wondered if it has been successful for anyone. Thank you for responding but please do not group me into a group of people who cannot benefit from your advice.

Thank you so much for the good advice. I will try aquaphor!

Thank you for clarifying :-)

All we can do is keep encouraging women toward self-care, which includes the indisputable knowledge that the medical system will go to great lengths to rope you in (as Ventadorn has just described), test, poke, prod, and then diagnose you with a condition they do not even have a correct anatomical understanding of…but will gladly treat you with highly invasive and often damaging “cures”.

My own body requires a higher level of self-care at this point. If I keep all my faculties, which I intend to do because as I have just shown in my Joy of Menopause chapter on dementia, that brain degeneration is highly preventable, I should be able to care for myself until the end. Maybe not the very end, but who cares at that point? I prefer not to worry about it, but to take care of myself day-to-day, just as I have to feed my sourdough and take care of my animals.

The wound does need to be resolved, and the organs moved forward so they are no longer chaffing. I thank you for being with us and wish you the very best!


Thank you for your response. Part of knowing what you want to do is explaining it to others. And as we get older ( I am 74) other people and sometimes family members tend to feel we need guidance or at least an explanation for our behavior. Asking an expert and showing that you have looked at both sides is helpful. And often necessary.

You are 5years older than me and I am glad that you have avoided doctors as I have because I am sure their training is not helpful to active women who are prepared to read,research and take responsibility for their health naturally . I have used this amazing honey tip every day for years and I also use raw organic coconut oil to stop chaffing especially on long walks . I find that if I miss my walks in posture every day or if I forget to use my WW exercise video or even forget to use the honey then I have far more symptoms re my bladder prolapse . It is so simple to put just a small dab of raw honey high in the vagina once or twice a day and it keeps the good flora there happy ! I take a tiny pot of honey with me every where I go as it is cheap and risk free .I also keep a packet of honey gel in our first aid box as that too is very healing for cuts and grazes etc. look at organic coconut oil too it is incredible stuff to eat, heal, lubricate and even cook with! My whole woman book is my bible but it was only at about the third reading that I understood all the different sections of info and how they all fit together to give us a natural ,risk free way to live a full healthy life with prolapse. I wish you luck on your journey .

Thanks for the advice. I will try it. Happy walking!

Can you tell me, please where you got your [deleted]? I have been waiting on the V-belt from Whole Woman and this sounds like it might help in the meantime. I do lots of work outside in spring and summer and it's hard to hold organs in when bending and stooping. I would love the [deleted].

The product mentioned in the above comment (which curiously has no correspondence with the existing thread) is not endorsed by Whole Woman. It is an inferior product and their marketing tactics have been shady and underhanded. The only reasonable external support garment on the market is the V2.