Postpartum constipation?


Backstory; prolapsed with baby #1 with WW work I was pretty much symptom-free 2 yrs later. I just had baby #2 natural standing/ hands & knees pushing for the most part. Still tore 2 degree though. After birth no issues at all using the restroom. Now 5 days PP bowel movement aren’t coming with instant easy urge. I had to do WW toileting push last night along with a enema. Is this okay for the short term or is there a better way? I’ve been eating lots of fiber & drinking water but maybe it’s because I’ve been spending most my time in bed with the baby recover. Please let me know if you have any constipation tips. Thanks so much!!

Hi MrsVegan - I hope you stick around and tell us how your prolapse is doing in the months ahead! Congrats on your new baby!! such an exciting time. and the birth sounds great... was it hospital or home?

I'm sure some other ladies will chime in with some suggestions but I personally feel like 5 days pp everything is so raw and coming back into place - I would try to not sweat it unless you get really backed up. Everything's in such flux from hormones to organs... I think an occasional enema is probably ok but don't come to rely on it... have you tried stool softeners? or some natural alternative that could do the same thing....
epsom salt baths - those will help your tear as well, while giving you magnesium...
as someone with chronic constipation - sometimes i just stop thinking about it at all.
Lately I've been brewing my own kombucha and that seems to keep things moving if I drink it on an empty stomach - not sure how that would be for breastfeeding tho (if you're breastfeeding)?
also - sauerkraut on an empty stomach in the morning.

I think i've read on this site that some women have trouble with upping fiber as that doesn't seem to do the trick - I know for me it's never worked more than a day or two. I think more fats, nuts, probiotics maybe... keep trying different things - something is bound to work :)

Quality rest is important at this stage, but moving around upright in good posture will not only help get your bowels working again, but help prevent PP prolapse. Do stay hydrated.....but I agree with TypicalMe, a vicious cycle of more fiber/more water to bulk it all up, is going to increase your discomfort. An enema when you are 5 days PP with a tear, sounds horribly painful and invasive to me, but if it's giving you some short-term relief, I don't see the harm. If it was me, I'd be eating plenty of healthy fats. Try an apple, maybe stewed or baked. Five days out, you aren't going to be feeling normal for matter what your first birth was like, this one is different. Rest and enjoy your babe.....these days don't last very long! - Surviving

Hi Mrs Vegan,
In hindsight after going through similar issues after having my babies, and the kind of fibre I ate, I would recommend the following.
Wet fibre foods like prunes, soaked dates, fresh juicy fruit, like pears and oranges and stewed apple recommended by Surviving, and vegetables like sweet potato. Raw carrots are fun to munch on too!
I do like a good wholemeal bread as well, and plenty of water.
And now I do find that legumes work wonders too!
All the best, and congratulations on your new babe!
Aussie Soul Sis