Saving the Whole woman book.


I just bought this through Amazon second hand. Christine Kent, I've only read the first chapter Journeying and it was so beautifully written and inspiring. I want to read it again and have my daughter's read it. Horrifying history but also the stories of women gathering together, being part of a close teaching group. I just love it and want to say thank you for writing it. I'm lucky to have 2 sisters and other friends who are open and honest, but I realise my daughter's need to be more a part of that. This chapter makes me feel like I can one day accept myself better and be a far better role model because of that.
Now onto the rest of it to help deal with the reasons I bought the book.
Thank you

Hi Chrismac,

I see you bought the first edition. Thank you so much for your kind words. It is very outdated!

What to do, what to do about books! Video courses seem much easier for women to digest, considering they can see and follow the workouts. The WW work is encyclopedic at this point, so writing another edition of STWW seems not really possible.

I’m offering Whole Woman Yoga every morning in my studio now, and so wish all of you could attend! It’s nothing like male yoga, and is what I believe to be ideal exercise for the female body.

In the evenings I’m writing my next book…First Aid for Breast Cancer! During the days I’m working on a video course of the same name. The breast cancer industry is shockingly corrupt and killing many more women than saving. I started this work more than a year ago, and then needed to put it aside to finish other projects. When I looked at it again I couldn’t help but resume working on it, and cannot wait to begin giving talks on the subject.

Stay in WW posture!

:-) Christine

Hi Chrismac - As a longtime beneficiary of Christine's work, and a moderator on this forum, I would like to add a few observations of my own.

Several years into the WW work, I obtained a copy of the 1st edition of Christine's book (orange cover, used, like you did) because I was interested in comparing it to my "bible", the 2nd edition (blue cover.) I have to be honest and say, wonderful as it was, it did not compare to the level of clarity that emerged in the 2nd edition. Therefore I would urge anyone who is looking to obtain a copy of this out-of-print book, to aim for a copy of the 2nd edition (blue cover).

Better yet, visit the WW Store and pick out one or more items from amongst the incredible collection of streaming video that Christine and Lanny have produced over the last few years. If you are looking to manage your prolapse naturally, without damaging surgery, there is information in these works that you need and will not get elsewhere. If you want to tell us more about your situation, we can help you choose. Meanwhile, there is so much to read and view on this website and forum, I hope you will jump in and not limit your research to an outdated book. Even some of the terminology has changed; and there is an entire arsenal of tips and tools that Christine has developed since that writing. Hope to hear more from you! - Surviving

Thank you for your reply Christine and Surviving60, I'm a bit disappointed as I thought this was the 2nd edition! I will keep reading though and take a look at the yoga offered. I've purchased a couple of things from your website that were in my budget but the USA dollar is higher than ours in NZ.
Learning a lot here, thank you so much.