rectocele ruining my life



I'm new here and have been reading some of the posts that others have written re this subject. It helps to know there are others out there to lean on. I was told about 6 mo ago that I have a small rectocele and that surgery was not recommended. I had a hysterectomy in 2006. I have been having problems for a little over a year and was seeing a gastro doc. I have had numerous tests and was told that it is irritable bowel. I have been taking fiber and miralax every day even though I had soft stools because I was told that I was constipated on x-ray. I normally have 3 bm's in the morning that get softer each time (ends up very mushy). I then have the heaviness in the rectum after lunch and especially after dinner. I also get a lot of abdominal cramping. With splinting I pass small pieces of stool, but feel as if I can't completely evacuate so I'm uncomfortable and have a pretty poor quality of life right now. I don't really understand why the stool is in small pieces and why it is so difficult to pass soft stool! After a lot of research on my own I decided to see my gyne re possible prolapse and that is when I found out about the rectocele. I finally put it together that the rectocele is what is causing this misery. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Beyond frustrated

I'd like to see a list of helpful vs. deleterious exercises relating to reducing "the bulge."

Welcome to the forum. I'm so pleased you found us. There's a wealth of information, advice & support to be found here on the forum, on the website & in the community.

Seems strange that you've had medication for constipation if you don't think you have consitpiation. I'd be tempted to stop those meds that don't seem necessary.

Look up the WW advice re toileting. There must be loads on previous forums here! There are also on-line videos & presentations re this.

Get educated - find out more about reconcile & pelvic organ prolapse issues. Previous posts - key in your key words re previous forum, look at on-line resources, find a practitioner to work with if you're lucky enough olive near one, consider a visit or a SKYPE to a practitioner otherwise, read the ebook 'saving the WW'.. talk more on the forum, talk more with your female friends...

Good luck & wishing you well on your WW journey.
xxx & hugs

I agree with wholewomanUK - if you didn't necessarily feel constipated but you were told you were - if it were me, I wouldn't take stool softeners or miralax or anything like that... not unless *I* felt like I was constipated.... and even then, I'd try all kinds of foods to help it along and put away the artificial stuff....

I can tell you that I'm probably chronically constipated.... I mean, I'm constantly working on it but I don't obsess over it. I'm not entirely sure everyone is supposed to have large bowel movements every day.... i feel like I have smaller ones almost every day, a larger one every once in a while.... and I think that's about as far as I can take it on my eastern european peasant genes which are constantly hanging on to all food and calories in case of a famine or plague :)

what was happening to me recently after I ate a lot of fiber one day (I made oatmeal with chia and flax) was that my stools were too soft... it's hard to pass if it's too soft.... also, it was coming out in small soft bits all day (kind of what you're describing)....I was uncomfortable all day but I tried not to strain or worry about it - it's hard - but I really tried to ignore it even though I could feel like something was there as I walked around. the next day or so, all was back to normal..... so you definitely want to aim for the right level between too soft and too hard - and ideally, you want to do that through diet, exercise and breathing.... I really feel that whole woman posture realigning my organs has helped a ton with regularity.... also, "lopo" and whole woman toilet position. I also use breathing a ton to get 'last bits' out - intra abdominal pressure instead of straining, but done in the correct position! lifted off the seat leaning well forward, deep breath expanding the ribcage and diaphragm.... but failing that - just getting up and walking away.... nothing will happen if you leave it there... sure it's uncomfortable, annoying, gross - but it's ok.
whatever you do, don't strain and don't plop leaning backwards onto the toilet in bad posture.

Thanks for replying! The pressure that I feel in my rectum (especially after eating) then running to the bathroom has really affected my life in a negative way. I can't really go anywhere in the evening after dinner. I have lost weight (down to 100 lb) which isn't good. I don't understand why I feel the need to go so often. A year ago I only went once a day. I think my rectocele has gotten worse is the only thing that would make sense. Any thoughts?

Well.....wouldn't we all like a nice list of exercises to do and what to avoid. It isn't quite that simple, because when you have prolapse, it's not so much WHAT you do, but HOW. If you have not familiarized yourself with Whole Woman posture and the story behind it, please watch this video:

You can do most anything if you can do it in posture without putting the wrong kind of pressure on the pelvic organs. Anything involving crunches and anything designed to work your so-called "core" and flatten your abs is out. Anything requiring you to exert yourself while the body is held at an obtuse angle, puts the pelvic organs in a position of instability.

Christine covers all this and more in her videos. She has many exercise moves and routines that can be done safely IF they are done the right way. Watch the video, read the website/forum/blog, ask your questions, and then take a look at what is available in the WW store. You won't find this information anywhere else. - Surviving

Hi, hmmm... Not sure is the honest answer. Pressure in yr rectum after eating could certainly be related to rectocele, which might be linked to needing to go to the loo more.

In any event, engaging with all the WW treatment advice for pelvic organ prolapse, inc diet, exercise, posture, lifestyle, & in my opinion reduction of stress as far as possible, promoting happiness & going outside & relating to nature - all contribute to optimising health & recovery both for pelvic organ prolapse & health in general.

I also think if you've lost significant weight & you can't see any obvious reason why, it might be a good idea to see yr doctor, just to check whether anything else is going on.

There's an old adage which I like:
"If it ain't broke don't fix it.
If it is broke, try something different"
You could try different safe options re treating yr symptoms. E.g try eating fruit in-between meals instead of with meals. Easing off foods that might not suit you, such as processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol... or including foods/things that might help, such as a nice glass of red wine with friends (in moderation), going to the cinema once a week, making sure you give & get regular hugs each day... Different things work for different people at different times.

Hope these thoughts are helpful food for thought.
Love, wholewomanuk