"REX ANDREW" has arrived!!!!!!



I haven't had a chance to get on any earlier,my beautiful baby by was born on the 29th December 2006, 8 hour labour, weighing 7lb 9.

If you remember I actually was only diagnosed with a uterine prolapse during my pregnancy around 11 weeks. I had one son already. I understand how scared it would be to considering getting pregnant with prolapse, for me I was already pregnant, when it happened so I had no choice, and we only plan to have 2 children, so this would be my last, I often wondered if the prolapse had happened first, how I would feel about getting pregnant again, after this birth, I would do it again. It's just magical.

My whole pregnancy was overshodowed by my prolapse, which actually felt o.k. by 17 weeks pregnant, as the cervix rose up. Mentally though I was so scared that when he was born everything would fall out with it or I would make it all worse. But through good advise I was not recommended to have a cesear and I am glad I didn't as I felt great straight away.

I had beautiful midwife and the most understanding doctor, I did not birth on my back like I did with my first son. He arrived with no intervention,no drugs, and everyone allowed me to get into whatever position I wanted, I actually ended up giving birth on my side. I didn't push until my body was ready to push, so just a few pushes and he was born, less time than my first son, as I was told to push instead of waiting. I felt so good after this birth compared to my son. I had no stitches and just a graze. During labour I hardly gave my prolapse I thought, I just wanted to get him out.

I felt great, then 2 weeks after the birth, I felt bulky again, but didn't panic as when I was pregnant had time to accept and adjust to the idea of having a prolapse. Went to doctors for my 6 week check up. He said all looked great, except back wall of the vagina has prolapsed slightly, cervix, bladder looks o.k.. He said this might improve as only 6 weeks since birth. It is not really annoying me. Anyway not really focused on all of it, as being enjoying my newborn son, my pregnancy was overshowed by a prolapse, I not going to worry as most days I feel great, I want to enjoy my new baby.

It is hard to maintain posture while breastfeeding when have time have to look on this site for tips on breastfeeding and will start looking into the exercisers to maintain everything.

It is hard to find time at the moment to get on the site. But to all thanks for the support through my pregnancy I was so glad to find this site, knowledge is power!!!! and I certainly had it during this birth. I also have the knowledge to cope with what happens in the future. To all the pregnant ladies or ladies thinking of getting pregnant, good luck.


So many congratulations to you and baby "Rex Andrew" Nicola!

I have been thinking of you a great deal and wondering how you are! What a story of joyfulness, and how inspiring for others here as well.

Please keep in touch if you get time, and enjoy that beautiful baby of yours!

Love, Michelle

Welcome back Nicola too! What a lovely ending to this bit of your story, and how wonderful it will be for you to have the good memories of his birth. You sound pretty proud and happy.

Try lying down for as many feeds as you can so you are not slumped over him in a 'comfy' chair too much.

I found changing nappies while seated on a kitchen chair helped with my posture too, rather than leaning over the change table. I had a lot of lower back pain after giving birth to my daughter. Spreading your legs might help to maintain the lumbar curve. It worked for me.

Keep enjoying your babies, and call back when you can.



I have tears in my eyes as I read your post. Thank you so much for sharing with us, and many congratualtions on the birth of your son. Bask in the beauty and wonder and awe of it all. You deserve it. and thanks for being a beacon of light for all of us.


Hey Nicola,

Congratulations on the birth of your son! I am very glad to hear that all went well. I am due in about 8 weeks, have a rectocele and minor cystocele and know what you mean about it overshadowing the pregnancy. It is nice to hear that you are doing well and are optimistic about the future. Enjoy your new little one!


congratulations on Rex Andrew's arrival. sounds like a beautiful and perfect birth. I am so happy for you : )
thank you so much for sharing your experience here, it helps keep me positive.

enjoy your precious baby, rest, and then let us know how you're doing when you have a chance.