Childbirth and Severe Genital Tract Trauma


I would like Christine to post a correction to the main page of this website that childbirth is not a cause of prolapse.


If a woman has a physiological childbirth it is almost impossible to get injured and get prolapse. This is because in a physiological childbirth the body births automatically and it knows how to do it without injury.

However, as a victim of the medicalization of childbirth in USA hospitals who pushed a baby out through barbaric forced pushing on command for over two hours before I even reached transition because the midwife wanted to go home early and screwed me over and who lost over 2 liters of blood just in the first 24 hours after the birth from the severe genital tract and pelvic trauma and bled for two months after the birth from the severe injuries including a torn cervix that was never treated I can unequivocally state that yes, severe genital tract and pelvic trauma INEVITABLY causes prolapse, provided you make it alive. A mother at the same hospital died from the same injuries I barely survived just a few days after my botched delivery because she was instructed to push before full dilation just as in my case.

Babies and young children who sustain severe genital and pelvic trauma from rape also INEVITABLY shall develop prolapse provided they survive. Many of them shall die from the injuries.

A friend of mine told me of a case he witnessed in a New York ER whereby a man came in with a cat lodged on his penis. He raped a cat and then he could not remove it from his penis and came to the ER for help. My friend told me that the cat had passed away from its injuries upon arrival to the ER. If this cat were to survive the massive and extensive trauma it would have INEVITABLY develop prolapse.

I cannot describe you the pain of having muscles, nerves, endofascia and ligaments torn from pushing a baby out before full dilation. It took almost a year for the pain from the severe injuries to subside. Now my vagina and pelvic area are full of massive scar tissue.

If I knew that American healthcare is a scam I would have never given birth in a hospital. I could have had the baby for free without injury and would have never known what prolapse is instead I was charged to be almost murdered.

People who survive severe genital tract trauma from childbirth, rape, torture and so forth do develop prolapse.

I developed severe PTSD from this botched childbirth. Just awful.

The damage done to women by the modern medical management of all aspects of our health, has been the underlying theme of Christine's work for going on a decade and a half. Invasive childbirth interventions are most definitely a factor in development of prolapse and a host of other problems. I've never heard Christine say otherwise and I've been here for 10 years myself. She has specifically discussed, among other issues, the damage caused by premature pushing.

What remains true is that the root cause of loss of pelvic support, as well as the primary method of managing it and bringing it back into line, is posture and lifestyle. If this were not so, then we wouldn't have such an epidemic of prolapse amongst women who have had relatively uneventful birth experiences, as well as those who have never even been pregnant. Most of us will get prolapse eventually. We are here to teach women how to manage it and live with it successfully, whatever the degree, whatever the cause(s), and with however much effort and belief in self that each of us can muster.

I have read other accounts such as yours, and they all break my heart. If your injuries are severe to the point where you are unable to implement some or all of the Whole Woman program, I hope you will do what you can. Because there isn't anything else out there, for any of us, that will offer the kind of help these lifestyle changes can give. - Surviving

Thank you very much for your comment.

What I glean from your response is that this website is geared towards people who develop prolapse due to sarcopenia. Most old people have sarcopenia. Since sarcopenia affects the whole body, I doubt that pelvic organ prolapse is the only problem. People, who have sarcopenia have their total body prolapse, not only the pelvic organs. Facial features prolapse (this is why they need face lifts), the skin droops, the muscles on the arms and thighs are flappy and droop, the belly hangs down, the breasts droop down, I have even seen the tissue on the back of these people droop. Sarcopenia is driven from degenerative processes due to improper lifestyle, the whole body prolapses and droops, not only the pelvic organs.

I am searching for more information for prolapse that is caused by trauma, not by degenerative processes due to improper lifestyle.

There are many contributing factors to prolapse. Christine discusses them all.

There is no cure for prolapse, surgical or otherwise, if that is the subject of your search. So-called repairs may hold for awhile, but ultimately make the problem worse, because they completely alter the natural dynamics of the organs. Each surgery removes more tissue and the dynamics are reversed to where the vagina can no longer achieve that flattened, airless condition which helps close it off against the encroaching organs.

But there is management. Whatever triggered your prolapse, you can benefit from the Whole Woman postural work, if you choose to do so. This is especially true if you still have all of your organs and have not yet gone down the surgical path. This forum is here to help with that. In fact, if you plan to continue posting, I would direct your attention to the link (above left) which contains the guidelines. Guideline number 2 states: "The primary purpose of this forum is education and support for women interested in and committed to the Whole Woman work. It is not a debating society about the work itself."

Good luck in your search. - Surviving

EDIT: PS, I have just reviewed your thread from last year:

So I know that I'm not saying anything you haven't heard from us before. If you don't feel Whole Woman is worth trying in your situation, that is completely up to you, but if you continue to post, we will continue to reiterate our message.

Prolapse in not just an elderly condition, but can affect women of all ages and conditions. We have had many postpartum mothers come here, yoga instructors, really fit women who have been doing the wrong exercises working against their natural posture. Mine was brought on by years of heavy lifting and really bad postural habits, and I wasn't even 50.
If you read the pages of this forum, you will find them all, and in many cases, you will also find their aha moments when they realize that they can help alleviate these symptoms with the whole woman posture.
I just want new readers to understand that there are so many different experiences when it comes to prolapse, but that we can unite in our commonality when it comes to finding a solution, thanks to Christine's body of work.