Fire Breathing


Is fire breathing the same as the breath of fire pose?


I don't know Breath of Fire pose, but WW firebreathing is not a pose (so I guess the answer to your question is "no"). WW firebreathing is a very intense breathing exercise that helps suck the organs forward into the lower belly. It's in the book and most of the DVD's. If you don't have First Aid for Prolapse, you need that above all else. For more firebreathing and nauli knowledge, get Yoga 3rd wheel. - Surviving

Hi bird-fishlover,
I've not heard of 'breath of fire' pose either. In my personal experience of yoga, I've not come across WW fire-breathing as taught by Christine, although there are similarities to other breathing techniques I have come across, such as Kaphala Bhati, which involves synchorinised forceful short nasal breathing and 'pumping' the abdomen in and out.
I've found it best to just think of fire breathing as an innovative new technique rather than try to assimilate it with previous asana/posture &/or pranayama/breathing techniques I already know.
Fire breathing's great generally for improving pelvic organ prolapse, so I do recommend it.

Fire breathing helped me move the prolapse organs to where they belong, the the prolapsed ball disappear for a little while. However, a few seconds later the ball came right back. How often I have to do the breathing? I cannot use this kind of breathing all the time!

Hi TotallyConfused,
It's good to use firebreathing as part of a daily routine with this work. Bending over and jiggling the organs into place followed by firebreathing, and then standing up in strong whole woman posture.
Can you tell us what else you have been doing with the whole woman work, and maybe a little about yourself?

Thank you Aging gracefully! for replying so quickly. I am new to this WW world, only a few days old. I have prolapse for many years, just not serious, but gets worse as I age. I will be 68 soon, always take good care of myself the natural way, and that's why I like this site right away. I am trying to determine what organ is falling down there. I just put up a post to ask that question and hopefully someone will help me out. I have a picture taken by myself and will bring it to my doctor next time I see her. I am waiting for my package and now I only do fire breathing and jiggling for now. Thanks again.

Hi totallyconfused,
Here is the prolapse self exam that comes from the book:

That may help you figure out what is prolapsing.