25year old 1 day success story


Sorry I just found this site last night, but my story is so amazing I thought I`d share.

A few weeks ago (at the beginning of my 1st pregnancy) I discovered uterus prolapse. The cervix was always a few centimeters lower and even dragged down to over a half of my vagina :O What a nightmare!

So yesterday night I found thus site and have been relaxing my stomach and trying to keep the posture suggested here, as it naturally makes more sense than the Kegel-gynecologist talk. By the way I have done Kegels all the time since I was a teenager so why should I have a weak pelvic floor?

To my surprise, thank you LORD I put my finger in twice this evening and all is back to normal! I could barely get my finger up to my cervix up there at the end of the tunnel (from the front side). May-be the muscle/skin around felt a bit more stretched out, but no more than on the picture of a healthy 23-yr old cervix during pregnancy looked. (I could not feel further up from the back side in this position lying down and sitting as I have always had, atleast since my teen years, the vagina going a few centimeters further up from one side of the cervix.)

Now I touched it again standing up and only the cervix - the hard button felt a little out. Much better than have it drooping way down last night and past weeks!

WHY I got this problem I suspect - because I have been holding my tummy in constantly straining the muscles all the time ever since I developped into womanhood at 13 !!! To make it look flatter like a child`s or a model`s belly. How terrible they teac us in schools how to have sex and put on a condom, but they never tell us its normal to develop a belly! I mean I dont even care if anybody says its normal I am the kind of person who never does anything or leaves anything undone unless she understands why is it necesssary. If I had only known!

Because ultrasound showed a lot of amniotic fluid I look much more pregnant than I ought to for 2 months and that gave me the feeling I shouldn`t have a tummy yet so I guess I held it in even more and I guess my body was telling me its not OK.

I`ll be careful from now on! And try to tell others about it.

Thank you Christine!

QUESTION QUESTION - Women! I am very interested to know whom you have encountered the same problem - have you also strained your belly muscles to keep it flat all the time? Is this what causes it for everybody?! Also, wouldn`t it be logic women who have the vagina not towards the belly like most but straiht or even towards the back are more likely to encounter this problem?

Today I had a day of walking a lot may-be it helped. But I do know my God the God of Israel helped!

I truly believe that God led me here too, Mary Jane. I was facing probable surgery, but with the knowledge I've gained here, I won't be doing surgery unless it's my only alternative.

God is interested in each one of us.


Mary Jane, Christine has written extensively about kegels and how they do not help prolapse. They can actually aggravate it. If you go over to her Blog tab and do a search on "kegels", these articles will come up. I know they don't work, I did them for decades after I had my babies......wish I hadn't bothered. She explains the anatomy of it quite clearly. It's also discussed in her book, Saving the Whole Woman. Would highly recommend that you go to the source and get this information for yourself, if you haven't already. There's quite a lot of knowledge contained in the book and DVDs that you won't get anywhere else. With some understanding, diligent work, and a dose of good fortune, you may avoid problems later on. Oh, to have had this knowledge when I was your age....... - Surviving

Thank you for your attention Surviving! Well better late than never, right? Most women with prolapses never find this site.
I suspect this problem is more wide spread in the Western world where women are more forced into abnormal "beuty-ideals"

I have quit Kegels since yesterday =) I just couldn`t get it how Kegel movement so low could affect the uterus that is so much higher (esecially the part wherever it attaches to the rest of the body). And also because I read it pushes rectum & bladder to vagina :S Will continue during sex though when the cock is tere for support :P

I`ve pretty much never ordered anything from the internet, also as I do come from a fairly poor country having born in the Soviet Union, but I am thinking about visiting the shop soon.

So now I am considering home-birth and have took note of someone`s suggestion for birth-giving on all fours. Is it necessary anyway as Im gonna do it in a bath anyway?

I have just found out many of you pulled tummy in and tucked spinal bone in. Secret solved. I also kept my spinal bone rather in as letting it out made my belly come out more. Ive noticed latino women usually keep a natural pose. Isn´t it demonic how they fuck our minds (even down to our vaginas and further) with the unnatural body-shape "beauty-ideals"?

You dropped the C word like it was nothing!!! It made me giggle!! :)

How did the water birth work? And I was just wondering why anyone would want to go down on all 4's to give birth. It seems backwards to me?

Over two years now since I found Christine's site and I can honestly say at the age of 75 I no longer think about the double prolapse I have.
Cystitis is a thing of the past now that I have learnt to empty my bladder fully and I know I have to keep my bowel healthy..watch what I eat and never get constipated!
The thing was more evident at times of stress when my gut ties itself into knots but I'm learning not to worry!!!
Meditation, diet, relaxation, looking after my own needs and no surgery.
Thank you Universe and especially Christine and the many women here who have contributed to my fund of knowledge about how the human being works. Bless you all. Amel

Thank you Amel for writing! Such inspiring words for all newbies who can't yet believe that committing to this work lets them get on with living, without fear. That is the biggest gift we've all received. Bless you for sharing your thoughts, couldn't have said it better. - Surviving

You got in in one, Mary Jane. Yes, I think cultural influences are everything. Beauty Ideals are a construct of those who would exchange their snake oil for our money. It has always been thus. We need to take responsibility for our own wellbeing.

Re "latino women always keep a natural pose", it often does seem like that. Flamenco dance is an example of the Spanish influence on posture. That derives from bull fighting which also displays the same 'attitude'. That attitude comes from within and is passed on from one generation to the next. The Spanish were great colonisers and took their influences all over the world with their conquests. African women display WW posture at its best. Middle Eastern women could be similar but often their long, loose outer robes conceal their posture. Yes, the fashion industry has a lot to answer for, as does the fitness industry.

Re birth on all fours, all the natural birth books I have read say that being upright, rather than reclining, and leaning forward, rather than leaning back, are better, because there is less pressure on the perineum. In obstetrics they talk about delivering 'over an intact perineum'. This is because they are talking about the woman being either lying on her back, or semi-propped up. The perineum grows longer, extending further forward as pregnancy progresses. Therefore when a woman is birthing on her back, semi-propped up, she is trying to push the baby into a wall of tissue, against gravity, and it has to be lifted up and over the perineum. In that position, she is sit/lying on her coccyx (your spinal bone?) and pushing it up towards the pubic bones, making the outlet smaller. Where is the sense in that? You know what? It is for the convenience of the doctor and midwives, but is a very inefficient position for the mother to enable her baby to come out.

It is much more efficient for the woman to be active in her labour until she births. That means getting around doing things, then for second stage to be upright, and forward, and to allow gravity to do its work. This means that she might be on all fours, or semi squatting while being supported by strong helpers. This allows the baby's head to come forwards and away from the perineum.

My first labour and birth was all lying down fully managed with epidural, on my back, feet in stirrups. The baby was literally extracted, with forceps, which needed a big episiotomy. It was so disappointing as an experience.

My second labour I must have walked many km around the labour ward, only going back to the delivery suite for each contraction. As soon as I stopped walking the contractions would slow down. I wanted them to keep going, so I just kept walking. This second stage was on the table, lying on my side, so I was able to keep my outlet open, but didn't have to support my own body weight.

The third was a lot of walking, but I rearranged to take a big double foam mattress into the delivery suite, and I laboured (posterior) on that for first stage. It was my familiar, portable nest. Second stage for this labour was on hands and elbows, butt up in the air, to move the baby up and slow it down because the doctor was late. Eventually I got up into a kind of kneeling position, leaning forward onto my hands, with my feet on the lowered bottom of the delivery table, and he came out like that. It was great! The midwife complained and tried to make me turn over but this was my third baby and I had the confidence to refuse. I hope I can pass that confidence on to you as a first timer, should you end up with a bossy midwife!

Don't limit yourself to the bath. There are lots of positions and places you can use. I suggest that you look actively for them in the environment that you will be birthing in.