I have searched the forum, and do not have the dvd. I still cannot get a grasp on what jiggling is exactly. Any thoughts?


Here is just one of MANY discussions on this forum about jiggling.

Jiggling as such does not appear in the book or dvd's. It's just another tool to get the organs into the belly and there is no official way to do it. I just bend forward at the hips (lumbar curve in place) and jiggle my legs and let gravity do the rest. - Surviving

Surviving, when you bend forward at the hips, do you keep your knees bent?


Just jumping in here. When I do jiggling, I get into a kind of down dog position, either hands touching the floor or back of the tub during a shower. I don't really bend my knees too much except to get into the motion of jumping up and down. I am quite vigorous with my jiggling, but for me that feels right with my profound uterine prolapse. I always follow up with some really good firebreathing, and then back into posture. Those that don't have the more profound prolapses probably don't need to go at it like I do though! Lol!

Yeah, my knees are pretty loose because that's where a lot of the jiggling is actually taking place. But everyone jiggles in their own way. There are many ways to jiggle those organs into the belly. Ask 5 people how they jiggle and you could get 5 different answers. - Surviving

Do a search on fab and jiggling. She had her own unique method. Fab, wherever you are, we love you and miss your posts (SafelyHeld, if you think I'm tough sometimes, you ain't seen nuthin!) - Surviving

I do also miss fab so much! Wishing her the best wherever she is right now.

I miss fab also & send her best wishes!

Should I do jiggling with a cystocele and rectocele? My rectocele bulges more than cystocele. Thanks for any help on this subject.

Hi devastated,
Jiggling is for everyone! It's a great way to get better placement of your pelvic organs right before firebreathing.

Yes, jiggling is one of the tools to help you reposition your organs, and can be done any time you need or want to. Before and after firebreathing and using the toilet are prime times. I have both 'celes and find it very useful. - Surviving