Coccyx, swelling, nerve damage


Hi. Rectocele sufferer here since the intense birth of my second child. Boo.

I am just wondering (I say 'just' I could probably write heaps) about how to tell if there is still swelling around the rectum? And nerve damage - how to tell, how long to heal, & how do BOTH these things effect the rectocele/healing?

I feel like the biggest hurdle at the moment is knowing when I'm engaging my pelvic floor. I am only confident when I feel down below, as instructed by a Women's Health physio (who I haven't been able to go see since bubs got to about 6 months and stopped sleeping through a session!! She is now 15 months.)

I have yet to buy a DVD - it's always the way, isn't it? Money for things like this isn't exactly flowing!! And time is limited what with having two feisty girls (3 & 1) But it's on the To-Do list. Meanwhile, I'm plodding along hoping I'm helping a bit and not making it worse!

Hi there Mimia!
Just a quick question from a fellow rectocele sufferer, when you say engaging your pelvic floor, are you doing regular kegel exercises as prescribed by the physio? or are you just performing a single isolated muscle contraction once in a while to see what is doing what?

I agree, there are situations where it seems all we do is dole out money and never get what we paid for, but this isn't the case with Christine Kent's work. She has done all the work for us and brought us the information and the solutions with her work. This is not and exercise program, but very indepth information about what our bodies are going through and what we can do to make it better.
Only you can do the work, and by simply getting your body into the correct posture is what this work is all about, pulling your pelvic organs into your lower belly and out of your vagina. That's when you will get some relief of your symptoms.
The "pelvic floor" doesn't have anything to do with this, as you will find how Christine explains how we have an outlet to the back, not a place that all our organs sit upon.
But you would learn all this, and much more by taking a look into Christines's work.