alternate position for sitting on the soles of your feet


If sitting on the soles of your feet hurts, can the feet in front position work as well for the pelvic tilts in the Goddess Belly workout?

Thank you


You can always put a pillow under your bottom while sitting on the soles of your feet. That actually leverages even more lumbar curvature. But in other videos Christine shows these moves in a variety of positions, including (if I remember correctly) legs straight out. - Surviving

Yes, legs straight out with arms raised is in the First Aid for Prolapse DVD. You can also do it cross-legged, as long as you are breathing in as belly is going forward and breathing out as belly is going back. But, do try the pillow trick; it's good to have a variety of sitting positions anyway.

Dear amy2822,
when I first started with WW I found it difficult to sit on my feet, however over time as I became stronger and my feet responded to the posture and later on the foot exercises, I actually can sit in this position without foot pain, or discomfort now.

I used a cushion, and revisited the position occasionally over time, and tried other positions in the meantime. I also used to find that my body was ready for something thought impossible before, and still do... so now I just wait until it may be ready...

All the best

Aussie Soul Sister