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As a new user of the WW Solution to Pelvic a Organ Prolapse, I see there are a lot of other yoga dvd's available. As I have developed my own home practice and am incorporating the breathing and poses of the video I purchased...can anyone help me with the following questions? Are the warrior positions safe for prolapse? What about the downward dog and legs up the wall inverted position? I read online somewhere that the wide leg forward bend was not a safe position, or any other positions that create stress on the pelvic floor like leg lifts or stomach crunches. Anyone?


I think you have answered your own question, Felicity. As long as you are trying out the poses holding posture, you can incorporate some of the regular yoga poses in. The rule of thumb is generally to see how it feels to you. Does a certain pose pull on your pelvic region or out of posture?
I do know the plank pose is a no no, but not sure of others. I really like Christine's versions of yoga; they are all very protective of posture and our pelvic organs.
Hope that helps some.

Thanks aging gracefully. I don't know which yoga videos to buy and I don't need or want them all. How can I determine which one is best for me? The descriptions seem to overlap and are confusing to me.

Don't feel pressured into buying the yoga videos if you think you can accomplish what you want with the regular yoga. I am sure there are enough of them to get you through.
Personally, I didn't want to go that route, and I love Christine's work so much, I ended up purchasing them one at a time.
Each covers a different chakra of the body, working you in a different way with each group of exercises. I would have to go back over them to be more specific. I started with the First Wheel. Second Wheel has more of the postpartum mom in mind, but I love that one too. Third Wheel seems to me to have more of a strength training aspect with lots of firebreathing also. Like I said hard to explain exactly, but I do them almost daily and feel so good after doing them.

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Hi want to know,
I think it might be a good idea to cut & paste your post & start a new post. You may not get many answers here as the title is 'safe yoga postures'.

I think Christine's approach is a bit different from any other yoga - & it's worth really understanding the WW approach to yoga first before adapting other yoga approaches. Most yoga teachers do not know/understand the WW work/yoga so won't be able to advice. Once you've thoroughly understood the WW yoga & way, it's easy to do or adapt most yoga postures, & avoid a few. However you do need to know which ones are beneficial & which ones aren't. Christines dvd's are very helpful in this respect.
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Thank you, I ordered 3 of the online yoga videos but can't access them. Is there a trick to this? Last time I ordered an online video, I received an email and could access right away. This time, not only did they not recognize me as a return customer, but after I signed up again and paid, I have no email confirmation and no way to see the online videos. Help anyone?

All of your on-line purchases should be visible under the same log-in. Sign in as you did the first time, and look for the other three. If you don't see them, contact Customer Service. - Surviving

Thanks...lanny contacted me. I now have access but I seem to have 2 separate accounts, which she will look into. Thank you for being so prompt!! Wow!!