6 months PP - Background & Encouragement


I'm 27 and had my first baby in a "gentle" home birth 6 months ago (if you can call 47 hrs of unmedicated labor including 4.5 hours of pushing on my back gentle :)). My baby was asynclitic (chin to shoulder) and I learned I have a very narrow pubic arch. I tried every position possible, but the baby only moved forward when I was on my back. I noticed my urethra drop at 38 wks pregnant but I thought it was my cervix moving forward in preparation for birth! I had been very conscious of posture throughout pregnancy and breathed a huge sigh of relief PP that I didn't have to worry about posture anymore and sat/laid/nursed constantly with my pelvis tucked and my shoulders slumped in the weeks following birth.

Around 5 weeks PP I realized something was off. My symptoms were a heavy, dragging feeling in my vagina (which I thought was just a part of recovery), UTI like symptoms, especially after taking long walks, and stuck BMs a few times. I went for the 6 wk follow up appt with my midwives and they tested for UTI (negative) and said everything was healing nicely. I looked at my vagina for the first time after birth that night and was shocked to see two "pink bubbles" at the entrance of my vagina and a small hole at the top of it. I started googling and realized I probably had POP. I'm a doula and had wonderful, knowledgable midwives and NEVER ONCE heard the word prolapse.

I called my midwives who said to do Kegels and avoid deep squats. I went to the gynecologist who diagnosed me with a Stage II cystocele and Stage II+ rectocele and very grimly said I would eventually need repair surgery, would have chronic constipation from "round BMs", and my rectocele would push on the cystocele causing incontinence. I then went to a pelvic PT who said she didn't see a rectocele, just a cystocele and gave me a routine of advanced Kegels. I cried before and after every appt, didn't think I should have another child, and saw a hopeless, sexless future of fecal and urinary incontinence.

Around 3 months PP, I discovered WW and the Hab-it exercises. I purchased both and had tears of relief when I watched the intro of the First Aid DVD and Christene said, "take a deep breath, it's going to be ok." For the first time since my daughter was born, I felt compassion and understanding. With an int'l move (we live most of the year in India where I get to be inspired by women living and working with natural female posture all the time!) and a newborn, I didn't start diligently practicing WW posture until a couple weeks ago. A few thoughts:

1. I'll keep updating my progress here and if you're a new mom and feeling hopeless, please feel free to get in touch with me b/c I know how lonely and frustrating this road can feel.

2. I started to get back pain from the posture and I realized that instead of focusing on lifting the crown of my head, lowering my shoulders, and putting my feet straight ahead, I was subconsciously forcing lumbar curvature. For the last few days, I've been focusing on everything but the lower spine and there is no back pain! I thought this might help other newbies.

3. I was toileting with my feet propped up on a stool in a supported squat position, which was ok. I recently started using Christene's toileting posture and it is so much better (from what I understand, move to the front of the toilet and lift bum slightly, keeping a straight line between crown of head and tailbone). I haven't had stuck BMs in a couple months and if I ever feel that's happening, I gently manually break apart the stool behind my vaginal wall from the inside of my vagina (is this ok to do??). I now have very regular, predictable BMs thanks to a good diet and toileting posture.

4. Initially, my main thought was "how can I get rid of this ugly bulge?!" My perspective and my goals for healing have shifted significantly over the last couple months, a lot of it due to the WW book. I've come to love and respect my body in a way I never have before - it created and birthed my beautiful daughter, it allows me to enjoy and engage with the world around me, and I can experience so much pleasure from exercise, sex, nourishing food b/c of my physical body. I see prolapse as a wake up call to care for the foundations of my body, especially while I'm still so young. I've come to realize that as long as I'm not having symptoms, things aren't getting worse, and I learn to work with the prolapse, why does a bugle matter? I carried and birthed a human being so why would I expect my vagina to look like it did before?

5. Sex has been largely unaffected b/c of prolapse and I don't even think my husband would have noticed if I hadn't told him what I was going through. We first had sex 7 wks PP and there was a little bit of pain perineal pain until 10 wks PP. The only frustrating thing is that I've used a diaphragm for many years, but I don't think it provides a tight seal anymore b/c of prolapse. I refuse to use hormonal birth control and my husband and I don't like condoms. Anyone have ideas about contraception?

6. I've been exercising on an upright stationary bike for about a week now (this is the first cardio exercise I've done in 6 months!) and just try to stay in an acute angle. Is this ok?

This post became longer than I intended, but I was so helped by other's stories, especially in the weeks following my diagnosis. I'm so grateful for Christene's dedicated work and I hope my story is encouraging. I'll update as the PP recovery continues.

Much love from India!

Hi Choosing and welcome. Thanks so much for the post. Extremely helpful in every way. You are doing wonderfully, just keep it up and keep us posted. Here is Christine's biking video:


As long as you are staying at an acute angle and not flattening lumbar curvature as you ride, you should be fine. I don't have any suggestions regarding the diaphragm but maybe others will; are you having trouble keeping it in position and/or is it more uncomfortable than it used to be? I've never used one but I imagine they often have to be refitted post-partum. Maybe you'd need to rely a little more on condoms for awhile until things get sorted out.

Your progress will be most helpful for other new moms, and that is what this forum is all about. So write again soon. - Surviving

Thanks for the warm welcome and the encouragement to keep going, Surviving! I'll definitely take a look at the biking video. I did get the diaphragm refitted but I think it's just not staying in the right position to actually be a reliable barrier. It's not uncomfortable, though.

I'll continue to post updates. So thankful for a safe community of compassion and understanding.


I really enjoyed reading your post. Has made me a little more hopeful. After I had my third baby (his shoulder got stuck and there was some effort to remove him but only with the midwifes hands) I believe I had a prolapse. I had a few issues down there but wasn't really sure what they were or why I had them.

Looking back I think it was a grade 2 prolapse but it seemed to fix itself. Recently I've had issues with tailbone pain and so started researching. A friend suggested this site and I realised I have a prolapse, but unsure of what grade or organ. I have bladder issues currently, bowel movements are fine.

I bought Christine's online package deal and I have been trying the posture but like you have struggled with some back pain (perhaps because those muscles haven't been utilised as often as they should?)

I hope to look at everything more thoroughly soon, just not in a good head space right now. I am keen to follow your posts and progress. And hopefully I will have some to report too!


My heart is filled with so much joy from this post!! Bless you for reaching out :) I'm been trying to do WW posture now for a week & first two days I noticed a difference even with my posture not being perfect because I can't get my chin down, it's extremely hard for me to relax my tight belly & I'm forcing my lumbar curve by sticking my butt out. Three things I'm dealing with RN

#1 my urethra hurts so bad, I'm 4 1/2 weeks pp with bladder prolapse so not sure if that's what's causing it! Started using all fours technique to go #1

#2 big set back today with a BM maybe I pushed more than lightly because I was uncomfortable in the new position that I can't seem to get right either :( my next BM I did standing up!! It felt more comfortable but is that ok? I was trying to keep WW posture the whole time.

#3 since I spend the majority of my time in bed, is that bad? What's the best position to lay in?

Choosing Joy, this is very lonely & isolating. I've spend a couple hours a day drowning myself in tears wishing I wouldnt of been jumping up & down 2 weeks pp or have been educate enough to have prevented this, yep I'm sad!

Hi Mrs Vegan,

You're only 4.5 weeks PP, everything is bound to still be finding it's place again so I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. I would give yourself some more time but in the mean time use good posture. From what I've gathered you shouldn't be sticking your bum out but allowing your lumbar curve to form naturally by adhering to all the other rules of the posture.

I spend too much time in bed and I'm 2 years PP lol. I am quite depressed as well but that's because I have the same problem with my urethra. I feel like I need to wee all day and I usually get up at 4 -5 am to wee. It is incredibly frustrating. I am hoping it will pass with time because it's doing my head in. I am feeling like I will never be able to socialise again and am at a loss as to what's causing this feeling. I have a tendency to depression and anxiety anyhow so things like this just add to it.

Lol at wishing you didn't jump up and down. I did that with my first two but there was no hope with my third, I had pubic bone dysplasia which was horrendous and could barely walk let alone jump! I wish I was educated on all this stuff too. They don't tell you how bad it can be just to do kegals.. :-/

I share in your pain, but really you have not long given birth and your body will need time to heal. Be gentle with yourself. Also you might be at risk of PND, do you have lots of support around you? Utilise people/organisations so you don't feel so isolated. If you want to add me on fb, feel free. Will see if there is some way to pm you here?

I know how you're feeling, trust me. Been there. It gets better. x

Hi Liss,

Oooof... a stick shoulder does not sound fun! Looking forward to hearing how things continue for you too. I actually had a little bit of back pain today but it felt more like muscles being woken up that has hadn't been used for a long time. Like the good kind of sore when you start exercising again after a long time. I'm not sure, though! Hope you're doing well and continuing to figure things out.

I'm having a hard time softening my belly too! I had no idea how much I sucked in and tensed my belly. As everyone else has said 4.5 weeks is so early in the PP recovery journey!! I discovered my prolapse right around that time. The bulges are still about the same for me now as they were, BUT my symptoms are significantly less (no more stuck BMs, no more vaginal heaviness, no UTI like symptoms). And I didn't start practicing WW posture until recently. In reading back posts on this forum, I noticed several ppl said things got a lot better when they started their periods, which I thought was interesting.

I'm sorry you're feeling sad. Hugs to you! It's a lot to care for a new baby, have your emotions and hormones be all over the place, and find out you have prolapse. I felt really really discouraged, but I can honestly say I don't anymore the majority of the time. Praying for strength and joy for you. About your questions, I'm definitely no expert but I can chime in from my experience so far.

1. I have a cystocele or maybe a urethricystocele (not exactly sure the difference) and the burning urethra around 5 was PP was what made me first wonder if something was going on. I noticed it especially after long walks. Sry you're in pain! If it helps, that went away for me around 2 months PP and hasn't come back. I drank unfiltered, unsweetened cranberry juice and would take Advil if the pain was bad.

2. Have no idea about standing up, but I'd be curious to hear from someone farther along in the journey. Do you feel like BMs are getting stuck in the rectocele "pocket"? If I ever feel that, I put my fingers in my vagina and very gently break apart the stool behind the vaginal wall. Does that make sense? I hope that's ok to do. And if it gives you hope, it hasn't happened to me for a while now!

3. Don't know about lying down, but I would imagine you don't want to be propped up on pillows at an obtuse angle. Lately I've been going on elbows and knees to breastfeed sometimes which is pretty entertaining for my 6 mo old daughter :)

Thanks for reaching out and hoping you feel a little less lonely in this. Grateful to be here for each other.

I have an update on my dodgy urethra. I have been doing a wee on all fours in the shower morning and night and it seems to have helped ease the pain I had in my urethra. I put a hand towel down on the shower floor for each knee and relax my body so I can wee.

Maybe give that a try?

So glad you're finding something that's working for you, Liss. Every small step towards healing and managing prolapse is worth celebrating.

Hi Chossing Joy,

I was wondering if you found a non hormonal birth control that works for you in the end? I'm currently using a caya diaphragm ( got fitted for it a year ago) with rectocele grade 2 & cystocele grade 1. Wondering though if there are other non hormonal birth control options out there since one never knows what will be down the road, I'm hoping to still have 2-4 more kids, and am aware that a diaphragm may not do the job anymore after a fourth or fifth pregnancy.

Hi Baby 2016,

I also got the Caya diaphragm, but it doesn’t make a tight seal anymore with the prolapse. I haven’t tried it in months though so I don’t know if it would be different now. I haven’t started my period yet and I’m still breastfeeding through the night so at this point, I’m using spermicide and my husband and I are doing withdrawal. If done correctly (mostly up to the man) withdrawal + spermicide can actually be pretty effective.


Natural family planning and/or condoms are other options but neither my husband nor I like the feel of condoms. All the best to you!