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Hello Christine, I am new to the WW path, diagnosed with Cyctocele and started to practice the posture and exercises. The body tells me that it has a lot of sense (i am listening to my body usually more than to my mind... :-) ) My only issue is to remember the line of exercises that i do in the morning in an effective way. I am looking if there is any way to watch them one by one, without the explanations (which are important by itself) so I can be effective in the 10-20 min morning exercises. Once I will do them for a while i will remember them but now I sit with the video (module 4) and need to stop or forward it and look for the next exercise... just not efficient for me. i think it will be great to have only the excercises in some module so we can use it as reference until it will be built in.... If there is such a thing I would love to know. Thank you


Hi Elani - Christine has many workout routines. If you are working with the on-line course (where module 4 contains the exercises) you have a "bonus module" for just the exercises with no narrative. - Surviving

Will write back if cant find it. So the routine in module 4 is not necessarily the recommended one? Are there more routines to follow? "Feeling lost when there is too much info"

Christine has many routines, and much more, all good. Browse the Store - there is a 20%-off sale happening at the moment. - Surviving

When my prolapse first started out I felt just like you . I Thought I had a urinary infection. I kept going to the doctor to take the test and it always turned out good. Mine also had the bad burning. I would have to put a cold washcloth on my private part and keep it on half the night. I went to the er one night ,that is when I found out I had a prolapse. it always felt like I needed to p all the time. I just started to take up walking. it was very hard at first. now I walk about a mile and a half a day. that is what worked for me.
I just started getting better and after awhile the burning went away. hope this helps you.

Hi Everyone,

It is so distressing to me to hear women speak about taking powerful and risky drugs for UTI.

I gasp whenever I see that a woman is taking Cipro. Yet, I cannot tell her to ignore her doctor’s advice. I can only describe the natural ecology of the vagina and bladder, as well as explain exactly what is needed to forever resolve these symptoms. I have laid the foundation for this knowledge in The Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina.

The fluoroquinolones (Cipro) are a wretched class of synthetic drugs that carry a host of negative side effects, not the least of which is destruction of connective tissue. Remember, prolapse is not the fault of the pelvic organs. These organs are wrapped in sacs of connective tissue. The connective tissue thickens and attaches to bones. We use our muscles to move our bones and the pelvic organs are literally pulled in one direction or the other. Taking Cipro for UTI is doing your prolapse symptoms no favor whatsoever.

However, UTI can be a very serious condition because of risk of renal damage. This is why I can never tell a woman not to take her medicine.

I can say that the entire medical model of killing pathogenic species with antibiotics has been ill-conceived from the beginning (the 1930s). Antibiotics do resolve symptoms, however they do not restore the natural ecosystem of the vagina and bladder. Therefore, the pathogens simply get a foothold again, bringing on the same symptoms weeks or months later. This time, the pathogens might burn a hole in the bladder wall, resulting in extremely painful ulcers. The medical response is to surgically remove the ulcers, and increase the dosage of antibiotics. Now a woman is dealing with what is commonly called interstitial cystitis, or bladder pain syndrome, the end-stage treatment for which is cystectomy - or bladder removal.

I used to think that urologists were the “good guys” because of their general disdain for the way gynecology treats the uterus. However, the female bladder is possibly the most ill-treated organ in the human body.

The bladder microenvironment is the same as the vaginal microenvironment. Nature has made it so beneficial bladder species must migrate from the vagina into the bladder to become “native”. Only native species persist - there is no yogurt or probiotic pill that will create long-term vaginal and bladder health. In other words, what is in your vagina is going to migrate into your bladder. Certain vaginal species protect the bladder from E.coli and other intestinal pathogens.

Although I have a complete lecture on this subject for my WW Practitioners, I have not yet created a bladder health video for the public, which I must do asap.


Hi Elani,
It is frustrating to have limited time in which to do things, however I have found it helpful to do the exercises with the commentary / instructions to help with keeping form and breathing right etc.
I do suggest that periodically you do the exercises with the commentary so that you can eventually even "hear" Christine's instructions in your mind as you do them.
I can now do them from memory and make up my own sequence of what I wish to do at the time, especially when I don't have access to them, like when away, or if I wish to do them outside.

have fun,

Aussie Soul Sister

It’s not that we become less resistant to bacteria, but that bacteria become more resistant to antibiotics. Penicillin was a wonder drug when it was first developed, but now many species are resistant to it.

Anyway, the point of my post was to remind people that there is a much broader ecology to all of this than we ever imagined in this Age of Antibiotics, which I describe extensively in the Miraculous Self-Healing Vagina.

We have often heard the old adage “health begins in the gut”, which is true. But to a large extent for women, health begins in the vagina.