Exercising Questions


Hi, I just purchased the First Aid for Prolapse video and have watched the whole video but still have some questions on the exercise portion. The Pelvic Rocks look to me to be same as the New Kegels. Is my assumption correct? Also, on the Pelvic Rocks, is there a variation to do them where you don't have to be sitting on your knees? My feet cramp up really bad when I have them stretched back behind me. Next question is about the Firebreathing. It too looks like the New Kegels except for the exhaling thru pursed lips. Am I doing this correctly? Thank you all, your comments are greatly appreciated!


Hi northernmimi,
Yes, you are absolutely correct! I actually prefer the term pelvic rocks, less confusion that way.
The breathing sequences are all the same as in we breath into our bellies on the inhale, but with firebreathing, it is a little more intense to the point you can actually feel a suction on the exhale with pursed lips.

Hi northernmimi,
Pelvic rocks can be done sitting in a chair.
Make sure that you are in WWP, feet flat on the floor and away you go! The chair is a brilliant way to begin as the posture is more easily obtained and maintained. I still love doing them this way!
I found initially it was difficult to sit on my feet, however in time I was/am able to do it very comfortably for a few minutes.
Have fun!
Aussie Soul Sister


Hi Grateful - Christine describes the seated posture in her work, and as far as the exercises are concerned, most can be done in a seated position if necessary. But we here on the forum are not really qualified to analyze the movements you describe or make any recommendations as to their safety. We don't know your medical history and this isn't a medical community anyway. Christine herself does not always come on the forum but sometimes you get lucky. In the meantime you might just want to study her work more, figure out what applies to you and what doesn't, and possibly schedule a direct consult with her through the WW store. - Surviving

Thank you Surviving, no worries, I did wonder. I have been thinking hard about what Christine says and comparing it to exercises. I was just thinking that maybe I should schedule a direct consult. Thank you for getting back to me.