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Hello ladies,

I am back on the forum now that I have become pregnant with my 3rd - 12 weeks along. Whole Woman was such a huge help to me after developing a cyst/rect after my 2nd birth. I was in a lot of pain and discomfort for 1.5 years after the birth but by 2 years postpartum I was asymptomatic and still am most of the time! It took me a long time to master the posture but I have been exercising it ever since I started visiting the forum and I feel that it is second nature now.

My prolapses haven't bothered me at all yet during my pregnancy but I do feel fuller down below and my cervix is low. I am starting to feel worried about another birth because I am very happy with my body now. I admit that I haven't done much mindful exercising since my 1st child and just don't feel that I am in birthing shape! I am hoping that you can give me some pointers on what I should be doing? Here are the videos that I have: Yoga second wheel, restore goddess belly, and first aid for prolapse (which is a dvd and I don't have a player anymore!). I also need a reminder on Christine's kegels. Wasn't it sit on bended knees in WW posture and breathe in, pull up/tighten, and then breathe out release?

I hope you all are doing well, and I thank you for your advice!


Hi S&R and welcome back to the forum. Congrats on your pregnancy!

If I were you, I would invest in an inexpensive DVD player - I have one that is very low tech and I didn't pay much for it. The FAFP DVD is a real treasure and is no longer in the store. That being said, if you want to pick up the new one as well (streaming), there is a great sale going on right now:

Here is a link for the New Kegels, which are actually the pelvic rocks shown in your DVD:

You will be fine! - Surviving

hi sunshine and rain, like you i discovered my prolapse after my 2nd birth (9 months ago) and there are chunks of time I'm asymptomatic... and then when I get too cocky (i.e. lazy with posture more likely) i get a few symptoms to remind me...
many months back if someone told me i'd 'forget' the posture here and there I'd say they were nuts (it was all I could think about!) but once this starts really working for you, it's easy to start slipping.
My son is so heavy and he's going to be walking soon but there's so much lifting and carrying and putting down and picking up that I'm sure it's adding to my symptom days. I try to do everything in posture but it's not always possible.
I was certain I could never have another child when I first discovered this... I'm at the point now (thanks to this site and the women here! and to Christine!) where the decision to have another child won't be due to my prolapse. I am feeling more confident in my body and myself...

I recently started firebreathing and nauli back up (i know you can't do those at the moment) but I stopped my morning routine of waking up to a few rounds of each because I was feeling all right so much of the time.
I decided recently that I need to start the exercises... there's hardly any time at home so I do them in the pumping room here at work when I go pump :)
I do as many of the moves from FAFP dictionary of movements and the 2nd wheel that I can remember before I pump... it's not enough but it's better than nothing.

I hope you stick around and let us know how everything goes post birth :) and congrats!