Posture and Belly Breathing



I have a question about maintaining WW posture and belly breathing at the same time. It seems that when my chest is lifted, it is much harder to bring air into the lower belly, but when my chest is not lifted (or I'm slouching), I can easily fill my lungs and belly with air.

Does anyone else have this experience - or can someone explain why this would happen?

Thanks, Marric


Hi Marric,
When starting in the posture, the muscles and fascia of the abdomen are contracted making it difficult at first to torso breath. I found when I first began that issue as well, and over time by doing what I will suggest next consistently it became easier.
Keep pulling up into the posture and practice belly breathing on the floor with a rolled up towel under your lumbar curve.
There are great chair belly breathing exercises and elevator breathing exercises while on the floor. These and consistently keeping in the posture will lengthen the front abdominal wall to accommodate breathing.

Keep this up, consistency is the key.

All the best,
Aussie Soul Sister

Thank you Aussie Soul Sister - this is good to know. Will practice the breathing on the floor with a towel.


I just finishing wiping my kitchen floor. Decided to use damp cloth dnd get down on hands and knees and as I was doing that my bladder prolapse without my noticeing it was perfectly in place. I wasn't even thinking about breathing or posture. Does that make sense? Maybe I wasn't doing something right but it isperfectly in place.

Yes of course! As WW teaches us, we are four-legged creatures from the hips down. On hands and knees, our pelvic organs are comfortably nestled in the lower belly where they belong. The trick is to try and keep that dynamic when we stand upright. That is what this work is all about. - Surviving