Second Pregnancy & Prolapse


Good Morning All,

I have an 11 month old and about two weeks after his delivery I developed a prolapse in all three organs, Bladder, Uterus and Anal. I have been working on the WW posture since he was about 2 months old and even though physically I do not notice a difference the posture helps with my uncomfortableness 100%. When I go out of posture I instantly notice that the feeling is back!
Anyways, I am pregnant now with #2 and I am writing to hear about the birth experiences of those who gave birth with their prolapse. I know there is negative comments out there about getting a c-section because it can further harm your ligaments and such. However, my first birth was slow going. I felt as if I was pushing incorrectly and he also kept getting stuck and didn't seem to push passed one point. I pushed for 2 and a half hours and then they finally cut me. I had no epidural so to me it was quite painful and a bit traumatic. I know there are worse birth stories out there but I def do not want to go through that again mainly because of my prolapse! I don't even like to sneeze never mind pushing for an extended period of time:p
So here's the thing, I am worried I will be stuck pushing, and maybe incorrectly, for a long period of time which I will have to be on my knees and I am nervous how that would go.
No epidural because also bad for prolapse. So I feel like a c-section will take away many worries for me. I also know people say the second pregnancy goes so much smoother but it isn't obviously guaranteed!

Looking for the risks to my prolapse by doing a C-section but also how avoiding a vaginal birth could help my prolapse. Thank you ladies :)

Hi KylaRae - congrats on the pregnancy!
I've got 2 kids - prolapsed after #2. Not completely sure we're done though so I've spent a ton of time reading on here about births post prolapse.
Yes - ideally, you'd want an intervention free, minimal to no pushing birth.
the next best thing would be to push, but NOT on your back, numbed with an epidural. You'd want to push standing up or on your hands and knees, using the pain to guide you.
but even with all of that - your prolapse might be worse post birth. But know that you have the tools you need in order to maintain or control it. you'll also be in a ripe healing period for a year, up to 2.

Now the best laid plans oft go awry, right? so like you' i've worried about the what ifs - what if amniotic fluid is low and they need to induce? what if baby is breech? what if, what if, what if... you could end up pushing for a long while, you could end up with an emergency c section - so then you'll deal with the after effects after....
someone on here wrote some wise words a while back - women are MEANT to birth, and we're meant to birth multiple times. So it doesn't make sense that one bad birth experience would render us broken... basically, I believe we are resilient enough to recover from that one day of bad pushing... now a c-section? probably also - but that's crossing into territory outside of what the body would do on its own. but there have been many women on here post c-section and by all accounts were doing fine...

so basically - I wouldn't go straight for the csection personally. I would hope for the best, picture a regular birth, labor starting and progressing normally, minimal pushing on all 4s... and then if interventions are needed, only to save me or my child, then going ahead with them and hoping to work on ww posture as soon as possible afterwards with extra care.
I feel like birth is so full of unknowns - and each one is so unique - that choosing the csection right off the bat when you might not need it would be a mistake. I used to think that csections were so simple - snip, baby out, why would anyone ever labor?? and then as I got older and read up on what they entail - no thank you. the fact that so much is being cut through, and also the fact of healing time later (especially with 2 littles around), I would really try and avoid one unless it was a real emergency. but again - just my opinion.

hope you stick around and let us know how it goes and which route you end up taking!

I hope I am not too late to respond, but I had a prolapse after baby 2 and I am not pregnant after Baby 4. I can honestly say that my prolapse was not any worse after baby 3 was born. Now, I am not great at being diligent with the WW work. It seems like every time I get committed I get hit with terrible morning sickness or something and I am just trying to survive, but I try my best.
All of my births have been natural, with no epidural and as a result they have been generally awesome. I move and walk through my labor and use gravity to assist dilation. My pushing stage is short, which I believe is due to lots of labor specific body work.
I highly recommend using the website to help your baby get into position for birth and release any tightness or tension in your pelvis. Sidelying releases can be a wonderful way to bring a baby down before pushing.
During pregnancy, my prolapse feels heavy regardless of WW work because of the weight of my uterus. But I do my best to maintain posture anyway.