hip turnout - bending


I'm going to put this in the hip forum since I have a specific question about hip turnout....
I got the Hips program recently (yay!!) and I admit I've only watched the first few modules so far but I have a question and don't want to wait until I have time to finish the videos.
I'm just starting to learn about the hip joint - it's been enlightening. I don't have hip pain (yet) but I do have a left hip that clicks so I thought I might as well benefit from Christine's knowledge to keep any future problems at bay.

Searching through the forum has brought some answers - namely, hip turnout while standing/squatting is good. Hip turnout while walking is bad.

My current question - hip turnout while bending.
So I stand with hip turnout when I'm washing dishes or sorting laundry, etc. But let's say I drop something while standing in hip turnout, I've been hinging at the hips and bending forward leaving my hips turned out. Should/can hip turnout be maintained while bending? or should I always flip my feet forward and then bend?

I think you can answer your own question just judging by how it feels. I personally find that hip turnout feels fine and natural while bending. - Surviving

yeah me too - it feels fine and totally natural, especially since squatting in turnout or raising the knee out to the side (like in the fafp workouts) feel good. I think just watching the first few modules about the anatomy of the hip, I'm picturing the femurs turned out and then the hip bending forward, I was wondering if it's causing any undue stress on the back of that hip joint ridge. (How Christine pronounces all those words I'll never know....)
I'll keep watching and proceed as I am, until I hear/feel otherwise :)