Progress report - over two years after joining WW Forum


On this day after Thanksgiving, I want to thank Christine for this website for us to share our problems and experiences and knowledge, I want to thank all ladies out there for sharing their issues. I have learned so much from here even though I don't get on or post very often as we all know how time can fly pass us by!
For my progress in the past two years, my prolapse is still there, there are still good days and bad days. However, the difference is I am not scared anymore, not confused as before. As I know what is going on and what I can do about it. As long as it is not getting worse, and I know how to manage it, I am OK.
I realize that as we get older, we all have certain limitations that we have to live by it, and as long as you do the exercise your body loves and approves regularly, you will be fine. As for me, I love the First Aid for Prolapse, the yoga, the posture, the fire breathing. My top pick is downward dog and all four. On my bad days, I walk around my house in walking downward dog and all four, it really helps! Try it and you will know what I mean. Walking in downward dog is not easy to do but just a few steps here and there is good enough. Also I do Taichi everyday.
Happy Holidays everybody, keep on exercising and stay healthy!

Hi TC and thanks for checking in. Happy to hear that you are managing your symptoms and getting on with life....that's what it's all about. But I have to say......I had to search pretty hard to find posture in your post. Posture is everything, deserving much more than a passing mention. Exercise is extremely important, and downward dog is a great way to get a good stretch and get those organs forward into the belly if you're especially symptomatic. But it isn't going to get you through your day. What matters is to learn to keep the organs forward when we are upright. In correct posture, gravity actually helps with this endeavor. It's how you move throughout your day, all day, that will make a difference over time. I think you know this, but a newbie reading this post might come away thinking that the WW work is just an exercise program with a few extra tools thrown in. Keep up the good work! - Surviving

Thank you Surviving, for reminding me the importance of posture. Often times especially at dining tables and restaurants it is easy to forget. Now when I take a walk I pay extra attention to my posture and I notice the difference. I promise to keep it up and be mindful all day of my posture, then get back to you on my progress in a few months.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you out there!!

Happy Holidays TotallyConfused and Everyone!

I found a tiny, old zen-like t-shirt that belonged to my daughter many moons ago, so spent all day yesterday embroidering flowers, etc. on it to give to my darling little 10-month-old grandson. All my gifts are simple in that way this year.

I wish I had time to write volumes about how WW posture, breathing, and walking are helping me as I spend countless hours sitting in the library or on the floor at home creating this work.

Please stay warm and happy everyone. Life on earth is such an enormous gift to learn, grow, and evolve.

Love from Christine