yoni eggs and prolapse


Is it helpful to use yoni eggs if you already have a pelvic prolapse?

No, it is not. Anything that has you squeezing the muscles is only going to aggravate things by pulling the prolapse further into the vaginal space, instead of away. - Surviving

Thanks Surviving! I will not use. Just curious, are they beneficial if you don't have a prolapse?

Beneficial towards what objective? I'm not exactly tuned in to this practice, but I will say that any chronic squeezing of the pelvic muscles will encourage prolapse over time, even if you do not have symptoms now. It's why Christine has campaigned all these years against kegeling. And I am living proof that kegeling doesn't prevent or alleviate prolapse. It actually pulls the organs into the vaginal space, not away from it. But I already said that. So I guess you need to clarify your question. - Surviving

I've had these two about eighteen years got the book around 2007 recently I went on a diet and sometimes couldn't go to the look properly and strained I now feel it's worse and is protruding out more this makes me anxious and tense walking around holding everything in tightly causing pain I'm worried that I can't get on top of this I read on the forum that the prolapse had to be on the inside for the posture to work I'm doing the posture all the time but my prolapse is bulging and when I can feel it the tension starts I can't do Fire breathing at the moment it doesn't help my sore parts I think I just want moral support I never want an operation I just want too stabilise it and control it not it controls me thank you

Hi Scooter - we all have setbacks and I can certainly see where a bad period of straining on the toilet would make things worse! Getting yourself back into the habit of releasing belly tension is the first order of business for you. Get down on hands and knees and just let everything fall forward into your relaxed lower belly. Do your firebreathing from this position. If your belly is relaxed and your in-breaths and out-breaths are in the correct sequence, you cannot help but feel what this all about. The trick is to keep that dynamic when you are upright. As Christine always says, we are horizontal creatures from the hips down, and vertical from the waist up.

We have no way of knowing if your are doing the posture correctly. But we have numerous practitioners who can do a Skype or private session with you, to help you get to that understanding. My other suggestion is to update your resources; do you have anything besides the book to work from? I think the video courses will give you a whole new fresh perspective on the WW work. - Surviving

thank u for advice I have been going on my hands and knees and that helps I think I do the posture properly but I realised I'm at the same time tensing my stomach so I have to let it go once I'm relaxed and not sore down my back I will do Fire breathing again I do that on my hands and knees and I'm going to start doing small walks everyday thank it's just lovely being able to reach out to others who understand it can be scary at times again many thanks